Most influential people in business 2015

Dr Adil bin Said Al Shanfari Vice Chairman & CEO, Shanfari Group of Companies
Dr Adil Bin Said Al Shanfari is the vice chairman of Shanfari Group of Companies. The Shanfari Group has practically mirrored the development of modern Oman, and stands tall today as one of the country’s most dynamic business groups. The group has emerged as one of Oman’s largest industrial and services conglomerate.

Ahmed Suhail Bahwan
Chairman, Suhail Bahwan Automobiles
Ahmed Suhail Bahwan is the chairman of Suhail Bahwan Automobiles (SBA), a flagship company of the Suhail Bahwan Group. SBA commenced its operations in April 2004, as the authorised national sales company for Nissan automobiles in Sultanate. It is one of the top two automobile dealers in Oman and employs over 3,000 people throughout the country.

Akber Mustafa Sultan
Vice Chairman, Mustafa Sultan Enterprises
Akber Mustafa Sultan is the vice chairman of Mustafa Sultan Enterprises. Committed to its vision since its inception in 1972, Mustafa Sultan Enterprises has emerged as a premier group in the Sultanate. It has a glorious entrepreneurial history spurred by the dreams and ambitions of Mustafa A. Sultan.

Sheikh Al Muhannad Al Hashar
Chairman, Al Hashar Group
Sheikh Al Muhannad Al Hashar is the chairman of Al Hashar Group, one of the pioneering business houses and most progressive and diversified corporations in Oman. The group owes its evolution to the vision of its founding father, Late Sheikh Saeed Bin Nasser Al Hashar. And it was Sheikh Al Hashar’s stellar vision that led the company to focus on the needs and wants of its customers.

Ali Malallah Habib
Chairman, Al Habib
Ali Malallah Ali Habib Al Lawati is the founder/owner of the Al Habib Group of companies, whose core business is real estate development and services. Al Habib is the largest and only one-stop-shop for the complete range of real estate products and services in Oman. Al Habib is the fulfillment of a dream that started in 1978. What started off, about four decades ago, as a young company is a market leader in the field today.

Aqeel Jawad Sultan
Group Chairman, Jawad Sultan Group of Companies
Aqeel Jawad Sultan is the group chairman for Jawad Sultan Group of Companies. He has been spearheading various strategic activities and giving effect to a combined vision of the family and its promoters. He has also been directing and providing an enabling role from the corporate side to various business units to ensure that the broad business strategy evolved is met with.

Hasan Juma Backer
Chairman, Hasan Juma Backer Trading & Contracting Co.
Hasan Juma Backer is the chairman of Hasan Juma Backer Trading and Contracting Co (HJB). The company is today one of the leading civil electro-mechanical construction and project management companies in Oman with an international presence. This growth in three decades from a small villa sector contractor in 1975 has all the hallmarks of setting sights firmly on the future.

Hamed bin Mansoor bin Ali Al Sulaimi
Chairman, Al Sulaimi Group
Hamed bin Mansoor bin Ali al Sulaimi is the chairman of Al Sulaimi Group. The group, which started as a family proprietary business, over half a century ago, was converted into a corporate entity in 1970. Over the years, the company saw phenomenal growth through strategic planning and professional management.

Hamed Salim Issa Al Harrasi
Group Chairman, Teejan Group
Hamed Salim Issa Al Harrasi is the founder and group chairman of Teejan Group. Founded as a small trading and services company in 1974, the Teejan Group is today a major business conglomerate in Oman. The company’s operations span a wide range – construction, fire and security engineering, electromechanical, laboratory engineering, environmental engineering, food and beverage, cleaning and equipment, furnishing and inf...

Hani M Al Zubair
Chairman, Zubair Automotive
Hani Al Zubair is the chairman of Zubair Automotive Group, the flagship enterprise of the Zubair Corporation - one of Oman’s biggest and diversified business houses. The automotive group commenced operations in 1973. Its humble beginnings as a small importer of cars paved the way for its eventual growth into one of Oman’s most prestigious multi-franchise automotive distributors.

Hassan Ali Salman
Chairman, Al Hassan Group of Companies
Hassan Ali Salman assumed full time chairmanship of the Al Hassan Group of Companies in 1995. Prior to his current position, Hassan Ali Salman served as senior vice president, Central Bank of Oman. Hassan has enjoyed a long career in banking which spanned over three decades including stints with leading MNC banks Citibank and Standard Chartered Bank. Hassan is an active member of the Contractors Committee of the OCCI.

Hussain Jawad
Chairman, W J Towell Group of Companies
Hussain Jawad is the chairman of W J Towell, one of the leading private sector organisations in Oman. It is a diversified group of companies with interests in property, trade, industry and services. While family owned, the group enjoys a corporate form of management that delegates authority.

Imad Kamal Sultan
Vice Chairman and Deputy Managing Director, W J Towell & Co.
Imad Kamal Sultan is the vice chairman and deputy managing director of W J Towell and Co., a major diversified family-owned corporation. He has served as the chairman of Enhance Operating Companies, Fairtrade, Al Marsa Fisheries and Towell Engineering Services Co. He also serves as a director on the boards of Towell Auto Centre, Nestle Oman Trading, General Electric and Trading Company, Towell Propert...

Kanaksi Gokaldas Khimji
Director, Khimji Ramdas Group of Companies
Kanaksi Khimji is the senior most director on the board of Khimji Ramadas and the patriarch of the Khimji family. His native intelligence combined with his philanthropic mind set, has brought about a positive change in the lives of many. As an individual, Kanaksi has been a visionary with an outstanding track record both as a businessman with sharp acumen, and for his contribution to the community at large.

Khalid Said Salem Al-Wahaibi
Vice Chairman and Managing Director, Assarain Group of Companies
Khalid Al-Wahaibi is the vice chairman and managing director of the Assarain Group of Companies (a member of the Said Salem Al Wahaibi Group of Companies). He is also the chairman of Al Omaniya Financial Services. Khalid received his undergraduate degree from Pacific Lutheran University.

Khalid M Al Zubair
Managing Director, The Zubair Corporation and Chairman, Ominvest
Khalid bin Mohammed Al Zubair serves as managing director of The Zubair Corporation and chairman of Oman International Development and Investment Company (Ominvest). He is involved in providing strategy, direction, superintendence, control, and support in The Zubair Corporation. Khalid has been the chairman of the board of Ominvest since May 2012. He is also the director of The Zubair Holding.

Khalil Abdullah Mohamed Al Khonji
Chairman, Al Khonji Group – Oman
Khalil Al Khonji is the chairman of the Al Khonji Group, a company with business activities in the retail, industrial and real estate sectors. Al Khonji holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Management and Technology from the University of Northern Colorado in the United States (1986). Al Khonji was awarded an honorary doctorate in Entrepreneurship from the Binary University.

Lt Col Said Salem Al Wahaibi
Chairman, Assarain Group of Companies
Lieutenant Colonel Said Salem Al Wahaibi is the chairman of Assarain Group of Companies, one of the leading Omani business groups with a successful track-record of over four decades. Lieutenant Said and his group has been instrumental in the social and economic development of the Sultanate from the early Renaissance days, by promoting creation of jobs for Omanis and building national talent.

Maqbool Hameed Al Saleh
Founder & Chairman, Oman Holdings International
Maqbool Hameed Al Saleh is the founder and chairman of Oman Holdings International (OHI). Established in 1976 as a modest business institution, OHI has now grown into a premier business house in Oman with several subsidiaries, associate companies and strategic joint ventures, and a well-diversified presence across key industry sectors such as energy and infrastructure, engineering and construction, informati...

Bakul Mehta
Managing Director, Muscat Pharmacy
Bakul Mehta is the managing director of Muscat Pharmacy and Stores. Founded in 1968, the company has grown to become a leader in Oman’s healthcare sector and one of the country’s most successful companies. The company distributes pharmaceutical products, hospital equipment, cosmetics, perfumes and beauty care products, consumer products, and veterinary and laboratory products in Oman.

Dr Mohamed Musa Al-Yousef
Chairman, Al Yousef Group
Dr Mohamed M Al Yousef, chairman, Al Yousef Group (AYG) is a reputed personality in the Sultanate’s business fraternity. The AYG commenced operations in October, 1977. As of date AYG is a diversified investment holding company with operations covering a broad spectrum of activities including financial services, oil and gas, real estate development, telecommunications, trading and services.

Mohammad Bin Al Zubair Founder, Zubair Corporation and Advisor to His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said for Economic Planning Affairs
HE Dr Mohammad Bin Al Zubair is the founder of Zubair Corporation, one of the leading business groups in Oman. Since 1984, he has been the Advisor to His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said for Economic Planning Affairs. Other positions held by him include Minister of Commerce and Industry in 1974, and President of Sultan Qaboos University between 1997 and...

Sheikh Mohammed Saud Bahwan
Chairman, Saud Bahwan Group
Sheikh Mohammed Saud Bahwan is the chairman of Saud Bahwan Group, one of Oman’s largest business conglomerates with diversified business interests. Mohammed took the helm of the group company as chairman after the demise of his father, Sheikh Saud Salim Abdullah Bahwan in 2008.

Mohsin Haider Darwish
Chairman, Mohsin Haider Darwish
An individual with amazing foresight, Mohsin Haider Darwish has been the chief architect of Mohsin Haider Darwish (MHD) group for the past six decades. As chairman of the company he has developed the organisation across several sectors in the retail and manufacturing segments. In addition, he has held important positions in the banking, insurance and manufacturing sectors, contributing to the export of Omani manufactured prod...

Dr Mohammed Al Barwani Chairman, MB Holding Group of Companies
Dr Mohammed Al Barwani is the founder, owner and chairman of the MB Group. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Science from Miami University, Ohio, USA, and a Master’s Degree in Petroleum Engineering from Herriott-Watt University, Edinburgh, UK. He acquired extensive experience in the upstream oil industry as a reservoir engineer employed by PDO (1976-86).

Murtadha Sultan
Chairman, Towell Auto Centre & Director, W J Towell Group
Murtadha Sultan is the chairman of Towell Auto Centre (TAC) and director of W J Towell Group. Having a network of 11 showrooms, 16 service outlets and 10 parts outlets spread across the country, TAC is a leading automobile distributor in the Sultanate.

Murtadha Hassan Ali
Chairman, General Electric and Trading Co
Murtadha Hassan Ali is the chairman of Genetco, Oman. Established in 1970 as a partnership between Murtadha and W J Towell & Co, Genetco has grown to become one of the most diversified, multi locational and multidivisional marketing and engineering firms in the Sultanate, handling several international reputed brands.

Nabeel Jawad Sultan
Group Managing Director, Jawad Sultan Group
Nabeel Jawad Sultan is group managing director of Jawad Sultan Group and chairman of the group company, Jawad Sultan Technologies. The group was founded by late Jawad A Sultan whose business history spans more than six decades in the Sultanate. Following the demise of the patriarch, the group successfully completed the corporate and business restructuring of its various businesses in 2012.

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