Redefining women’s role

Raida Nasser Al Bahlani, Assistant Manager, Sayarti always liked to step outside her comfort zone, to carve out a career as a successful professional and an agile team player.

They say with steely determination and relentless pursuit one can conquer any height of success. Nothing could hamper your ambitions if you believe in yourself and have truly identified the potential of your skills and knowledge and have the right attitude. Testifying to these mantras of success is the remarkable journey of Raida Al Bahlani from a receptionist to the post of assistant manager with one of Oman’s leading car care solutions firm within a short span of time. Piggybacking on her exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, she scaled new heights in her career and proved to be a successful professional and a dynamic personality.

Raida, who has been working with Zubair Automotive Group since 2005, started her career as a receptionist with Bait Al Ahlam of KhimjiRamdas Group where she was promoted after two years to the sales team. Effective interpersonal, communication and networking skills, positive outlook, pledge to the tasks assigned and capabilities in building and maintaining healthy working relationships with customers, peers and management were instrumental in her success. She believes that networking, the right attitude, commitment and team spirit will allow you to reach more prospects than you could manage on your own.

Later when she joined Zubair Automotive Group as a saleswoman this network of relationships became very handy in her career progression. She worked hard and improved her own sales records which led to the promotion as senior sales woman and later as a supervisor in sales department. This was followed by a short stint in used cars division as assistant manager before she joined Sayarti at its Azaiba branch. When Sayarti opened their new outlet at Muscat Grand Mall in February, 2013, seeing her capabilities, potential and love for challenges, Raida was assigned with the task of heading the operation with a 14-member team.

The drive to constantly challenge herself has been instrumental in her success. She believes that the best salesperson is a work in progress. She does not confine herself to the wall of office, but likes to go out visiting ministries, corporates and other clients constantly. She amusingly recalls an instance when she was confronted with a formidable challenge of brining business from a corporation which always sourced another brand automobiles dealt by a competitor in the market. Her boss promised to shave half of his moustache if she made sales to that corporation. But Raida refused to give in and worked resolutely to win the contract with remarkable aplomb, but gallantly allowed the boss to keep his moustache.

Raida aspires to climb up in her professional ladder and visualise herself in a general manager’s chair within the next five years. Despite being a mother of three, Raida switches between her professional and household responsibilities with remarkable ease. In addition, she finds enough time to spend on her lifelong passion of Abaya designing. She designs her own Abayas and get them stitched through tailor shops like designer wear, to differentiate herself from others. She is a strong believer in hard work and asks all other women to venture into their own small businesses instead of confining themselves to their sedentary jobs.

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