Setting new benchmarks

Within a short span of nearly three years, Better Homes has established itself as a leading player in Oman’s property market. The company is looking to emerge as a one-stop shop offering a wide array of services, says it’s General Manager, Glenn Meek

Can you give a brief on your Omani operation?

Better Homes has been here for nearly three years, and during this period we have very firmly established ourselves as one of the leading real estate property companies in the Omani market. We have done it through transforming our client experience by innovatively placing their needs at the centre of everything we do. Our team is growing year-on-year and our success is growing even faster, so we are always looking for exceptional people who can fulfill these needs supported by a comprehensive training programme for every new employee. Since the launch of Better Homes in Oman in December 2010 we have focused on the residential market as our prime objective and now we firmly have the number one spot for marketing and launching large new residential developments. We have launched landmark development projects such as Rimal, Qurum Hills, Lamar and Jasmine where the developers wanted to have the security of our expertise to showcase their development to the market.

The results speak for themselves: Rimal sold 97 per cent and Qurum Hills 100 per cent, while Jasmine sold 76 per cent of the apartments and an amazing 88 per cent of “offices to buy” in what can be the first in Muscat. With the exception of QurumHills , all the other developments are still under construction.

What are the property management services you are offering?

We offer the full spectrum of services under the umbrella of property management, being full management, maintenance and inspections, and not just for residential. We have now established a commercial team that has added these services also to the standard leasing and sales functions of the commercial team. The off plan, resale and leasing functions are firmly established now in all sectors. In the last 18 months we have had many enquires to provide consultancy for projects and from this we now have within our group Al Khonji Holdings, the resource to provide consultancy on projects, design, construction and of course the sale and leasing along with the property management and maintenance. Our long term objective is to be a one-stop shop where we can offer a wide array of services to our clients. We will find the land, design, build, market, sell, lease, maintain and manage.

Better Homes is comparatively a new entrant into the market. Do you find it difficult to compete with already established players in the market?

Competition is really healthy for a new business. I prefer to be in a competitive market where all are striving to prove what they can do. Most of the businesses in Muscat find their own niche in the market and then do not stretch themselves further. We are the one and only real-estate agents with a high-street exposure and to open seven days a week, a factor capable of attracting a lot of new people. Our expertise lies in understanding our clients. We have a proven track record in this area. In addition, my expertise in global marketing for international companies enables us to apply the category management formula to the real estate market. This is another first in Muscat.

What is your future outlook?

Our future outlook is very positive.We are currently in the process of opening two new showrooms locations, at the Salalah Beach resort to service the Salalah area and also JebalSifah .This is just the start of our five-year plan with Sohar, Sur and other locations on our radar. The demographic trends are under change especially in Muscat and other key areas along with living styles which offers further opportunities in our market. Better homes will be ready.

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