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Employ versus employability

Training for skills and work ethic, focus on vocational education, an enabling regulatory environment and speeding up the diversification process can create job opportunities for young Omanis on a sustained basis. Mayank Singh reports Though the decision had a been there, done that ring it still came as a surprise. More so as it lay […]

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Gateways to future growth

Ports and free zones are becoming game-changers for Oman’s long-term economic growth, as the government is  focusing on logistics to supplant the hydrocarbon sector as the nation’s economic mainstay. Muhammed Nafie reports The chronicle of Oman’s history abounds in fascinating accounts of maritime exploits. Remnants of a 4,500-year-old Reed Boat, excavated from Ras Al Jinz, vouch […]

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Jesal Asher
Taking tough calls

Jesal Asher, Executive Director, Al Ansari Trading shares her views on adapting to a different cultural context, succession planning and the need for governance structures for family businesses.  Mayank Singh reports   Can you give our readers a brief background on your education and professional experience? I lived for 18 years in Oman and then went […]

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Ali Mohammed Awadh Al Ajmi
Pushing the limits

Young entrepreneurs need to think differently. Simply copying what’s been done for the past decade will no longer yield the desired results, especially as times change and the world progresses, says Ali Mohammed Awadh Al Ajmi, vice chairman, Oriental Group of Companies    Your roles and responsibilities in the company? I am currently the vice […]

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Abeer Bint Ali Al-Mukhaini

The government’s diversification policies focus on ICT, SME, tourism and logistic sectors. There are umpteen opportunities in these sectors, which the young entrepreneurs should explore, says Abeer Bint Ali Al-Mukhaini, Administration and Follow-Up Director, Al-Matar Group in an interview with Oommen John P   Your roles and responsibilities in the company? A Master’ degree holder […]

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Sameer Sampat
Transparency is vital

Sameer Sampat played a seminal role in developing Naranjee Hirjee from a trading company into a distribution-driven, multi-faceted conglomerate. Excerpts from an interview with Muhammed Nafie   Can you give us a brief on your roles and responsibilities at Naranjee Hirjee? I look after the food division as well as business development at Naranjee Hirjee. […]

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Learn the ropes

Khalid Al Alawi, Deputy General Manager, Al-Khamis Trading Co. believes that it is important for family members to understand a business before handing it over to professionals   Can you give us a brief background of Al Khamis Trading Co.? This business was established in 1973 by three partners – Mohammed Khamis, Rashid Khamis and […]

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Salman Hussain Al Lawati
Against the grain

Salman Hussain Al Lawati, Executive Director at Bin Salman Investment, believes that business sustainability is more important than having family members on executive seats An industrial engineer by profession, Salman Hussain Al Lawati started off his career in 2008 at Oman Cables Industry (OCI), one of Oman’s leading manufacturing companies, where his family owned a […]

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Areej Mohsin Haider Darwish
Lasting legacy

Areej Mohsin Haider Darwish, Joint Deputy Chairperson of MHD believes that succession planning is the key to ensure a smooth transition which creates a multi-generational institution Give us a brief on your roles and responsibilities at MHD? As joint deputy chairperson of Mohsin Haider Darwish (MHD), I am responsible for steering and guiding the overall […]

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Emerging leaner and stronger

Amid subdued oil prices, the 2017 budget aims at reducing budget deficit, rationalising public spending, revitalising non-oil revenues and enhancing their contributions in total government revenues. The government also intends to increase employment rates, achieve medium-term fiscal and economic stability and enhance public-private partnership to accelerate more investment projects and private sector initiatives. Oommen John P reports […]