Inflation rises 1.34 per cent

The Sultanate registered a year-on-year (CPI-based) inflation rate of 1.34 per cent for August, driven mainly by a 7.25 per cent rise in prices in the transport set, and a 0.83 per cent rise in the housing, water, electricity, gas and other fuels set, according to the latest report by the National Centre for Statistics & Information (NCSI).
Foods & non-alcoholic beverages prices went down by 1.12 per cent, while tobacco prices rose by 0.38 per cent in August compared with the same month last year. Clothing and footwear fell by 0.61 per cent, while Furnishings, household equipment & routine household maintenance went up by 0.61 per cent.

Health prices increased by 0.94 per cent. Education registered a rise of 3.03 per cent and communication prices on the other hand declined by 0.26 per cent. Recreation and culture fell by 0.46 per cent, while restaurants and hotels set saw prices fall by 0.26 per cent. Miscellaneous goods and services logged a price rise of 0.51 per cent in the month of August as compared with last year.

Under the foods set, bread and cereals fell by 2.57 per cent, while meat prices went up by 0.16 per cent. Fish and seafood prices declined by 4.83 per cent, even as milk, cheese and eggs prices fell by 0.65 per cent. Oils and fats prices rose by 0.03 per cent. Fruit prices registered a 0.3 per cent decrease in August, while vegetables dropped by a significant 2.68 per cent. Sugar, jam, honey and confectionary set saw a price rise of 0.08 per cent. Other food products logged a price fall of 0.36 per cent, while non-alcoholic beverages prices went up by 0.60 per cent in August.

Average inflation for the January – August period recorded a 0.88 per cent rise compared with the same period last year, the NCSI report says.

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