Category: ECONOMY

Health Matters

The governemnt is looking to share the burden of healthcare provision, and the costs too, with the private sector- presenting a wide raft of investment opportunities in the coming years.

The tracks of growth

The first contract for the ambitious, 2,244-kilometre national railway project will be awarded by the end of 2014 and a section of the project is expected to become operational by 2018 .

Lean Thinking is the solution

Lean thinking which has spread geographically from East Asia to North America over the last half century, is now rapidly developing economies dealing with wage inflation and the challenges of high growth rates.

Linking Oman to the world

Oman’s recent trade growth can be attributed largely to the expansion of the hydrocarbons sector, which has accounted for more than 70 per cent of total exports in recent years

Heritage’s unfair ranking

The 2013 Index of Economic Freedom by the Heritage Foundation ignores the fact that public sector is essential during the struggling times, as demonstrated by the European sovereign debt crisis.

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