Bangkok beckons

AirAsia X recently started direct flights in the Muscat-Bangkok sector, offering comfortable journey at economical rates. A Harikumar reports after enjoying a trip in the inaugural flight

Travel by budget airlines is a money-saving option but is often thought of as a not-so-enjoyable experience, especially if it is a long-haul flight. However, Thai AirAsia X challenges this popular perception.

Their recently launched direct flights in the Muscat-Bangkok sector offer fares which are among the cheapest in the sector and at the same time are enjoyable experiences too.

The aircraft offers different tariffs for premium class, silent zone and economy class etc. The idea of flexible fares offered by Thai AirAsia X is “Pay only for what you need.’

This is a right choice for those who are planning to fly to Bangkok to strike a business deal or to explore investment options. It will help them to keep expenses under control without compromising comfort. Even the leisure traveler also would not regret the choice.

The cabin crew are polite and pleasant. They welcome us with a smile and make us feel the overflowing warmth of Thai hospitality even before reaching Bangkok. Being a low cost carrier, Thai Air Asia X doesn’t offer food or any entertainment options in the economy class unlike full service carriers. But good quality food and drinks are available to buy, in case you need. You can order delicious Thai cuisine or continental food. To sum up, this is perfect even for families with children who need to eat and drink.

Aircraft facilities

Thai AirAsia X’s aircrafts in the Muscat-Bangkok sector are new Airbus A330-300, wide bodied jets. It has a total of 377 seats with 12 Premium Flat Bed (business class) seats, 63 Quiet Zone seats and 302 economy seats.

The check-in counters of Thai AirAsia X in Muscat and Bangkok are very efficient and offer quick and hassle-free services. The frequency of the flight is three times a week and the flight time is around six hours.

The most important thing you will notice as you enter inside this aircraft is, it is impeccably clean. It has seats arranged in three rows. The good thing is all seats have enough leg room and head room which will make passengers comfortable during the long journey. The seats are wide enough for a well-built person. There is enough headroom and overhead bins are reasonably wide to accommodate baggage and you need not seek the help of flight attendants to push your handbags in. This is at a time when even many full service carriers have cramped seats as they go for cost cutting. This also makes moving in and out easy if you are having window or middle seats.

Nowadays, lavatories in many aircrafts are so small that if you are a tall well-built person you will desist from going there unless you feel it absolutely necessary. But AirAsia’s toilets are clean and have enough room to make you really comfortable in every sense. There are ample toilets attached to different classes.

The Muscat-Bangkok flight starts early night and once you finish your meal and drinks you may push back seats and have a comfortable sleep once the lights are switched off, or if you want to read something you can switch on personal lights and enjoy reading.


Round trip base fares of Thai AirAsia X start as low as RO118. All-inclusive fares that include 20 kg free baggage, one hot meal, and seat selection, start as low as 150 OMR. This is incredible. Details of lowest fares are available at the website of Thai AirAsia, and at the travel agent office of AirAsia in Muscat.

Thai AirAsia X’s twin engine aircraft and experienced pilots ensure a quiet take off and a smooth landing.

The flight operates from Don Mueang International Airport in Bangkok which has enough facilities where baggage and customs clearances are smooth. The duty-free shops offer a variety of goods. Moreover, AirAsia offers connectivity to Phuket, Krabi and Chiang Mai airports in Thailand and Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai and more airports outside from Don Mueang which will help passengers to fly to whatever destinations that prefer in SE Asia from Bangkok.

The experienced pilots of Thai AirAsia X will ensure quiet take-off and soft touch down making the journey a pleasurable experience. To sum up, it is safe, economical and fun.

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