Meethaq launches state-of-the-art Cloud internet banking service


Meethaq, the pioneer of Islamic banking in Oman from Bank Muscat, has launched a state-of-the-art Cloud internet banking channel, enhancing services for retail and corporate customers. Redefining Islamic banking with convenience, the simple-to-use and highly secure 24/7 service is available in English.

With a convenient on-the-go access to the bank, Meethaq customers can access the internet banking channel to enquire, transact and manage accounts online. The internet banking facilitates local fund transfers, access to account and balance details, finance schedule, rates and charity payments. Online bill payment facility covers credit cards and utility services such as electricity, water and telephone. Customers can also set up standing instructions for one-time or recurring payments, as well as request for cheque book, account statement, term deposit, secure mailbox for communication with the bank and real time SMS alerts.

Retail customers are provided with an online self-registration without having any need to fill forms or visit branch. For corporate clients, the online channel also facilitates workflow management based on transaction maker and checker process to validate access and authorisation. Corporate clients can further use the channel to access the status of letters of credit, letters of guarantee and bills for collection.

The Meethaq internet banking platform leverages the Cloud technology, which connects any beneficiary or biller registered on Meethaq mobile banking to be automatically available on Meethaq internet banking and vice-versa.

Sulaiman Al Harthy, Deputy Chief Executive Officer – Islamic Banking, said: “Meethaq is proud to launch the internet banking service featuring the latest technology as part of the bank’s strategy to empower customers to perform frequent transactions with convenience and security. Complementing the government’s efforts in creating a digital society, the enhanced online banking service emphasises Meethaq commitment in providing secure electronic services which spells convenience to customers, thereby consolidating its position as the preferred Islamic banking service provider in the Sultanate.”

Al Harthy added: “Meethaq is committed to invest on state-of-the-art technologies to further increase efficiency and improve customer service. With emphasis on competitive channels and new products to cater to various sectors, Meethaq aims to take the lead in technology-driven products and services, including electronic payment and web-based services, in tune with the banking requirements of Oman’s young and tech-savvy generation.”

Offering robust security features, Meethaq internet banking ensures all transactions are secure and safe. To access internet banking, Meethaq customers are required to type their user ID and password using the on-screen keyboard. The user’s information is protected by additional verification mechanisms such as CAPTCHA where customers will be prompted to input alphanumeric codes displayed in a grey box underneath logon details, One Time Password (OTP) through SMS and VASCO Token, a digital security device. With multiple level of validations, the new online banking service is highly secure.

Meethaq offers a full suite of Islamic banking products and services, including savings and current account, home and auto finance, credit card and mobile banking. The bank has invested in staff, systems and controls to ensure the service is delivered in a fully Shari’a compliant manner.

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