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Banking & Finance
Organic growth

In 2016, ahlibank made significant investments to increase products and services and to upgrade and strengthen the core banking systems. Excerpts from an interview with CEO, Lloyd Maddock How was ahlibank’s financial performance in 2016? At the outset I must commend the entire ahlibank team for pulling together, to serve our customers during some challenging […]

Banking & Finance
Bank Nizwa
Consolidating its position

Bank Nizwa marked a significant milestone in 2016 by achieving net profit in the fourth year of its operations. CEO, Khalid Al Kayed, talks to Muhammed Nafie about the bank’s financial achievements, operational excellence and the growth prospects for Oman’s Islamic banking industry How was Bank Nizwa’s financial performance during the year 2016? The year […]

Banking & Finance
Bank Sohar
On a strong footing

Sasi Kumar, Acting CEO, Bank Sohar says that the bank has built tremendous brand equity winning customer trust over the last ten years of its operations. Mayank Singh reports What are your thoughts when you look back at financial year 2016? 2016 was a challenging year. There was issues relating to liquidity and uncertainty in […]

Banking & Finance
Transformation process

Oman Arab Bank is working on controlling costs and improving processes to achieve better operational efficiency, says Amin Al Husseini, CEO.  An OER report How was Oman Arab Bank’s financial performance in 2016? The year 2016 was a challenging year for the region, primarily due to the prevailing low oil prices. However, with significant development […]

On a growth trajectory

Alizz Islamic Bank maintained a strong balance sheet in 2016 In response to market conditions, Alizz Islamic Bank has carefully reviewed its credit policies to avoid sectors that were more vulnerable to volatile conditions and mobilised deposits aggressively to remain liquid at all times. This strategy has helped the bank maintain a strong balance sheet. […]


The non-banking finance companies sector witnessed a challenging year as the tightening of liquidity in the market raised the cost of short-term funding for financial institutions and also raised the fears about steep hike in interest rates amidst the prevailing economic environment. Oommen John P reports Non-banking finance companies (NBFCs) in the Sultanate, which have […]

Best Banks in Oman Survey 2017
Building on its strength

Andrew Long, CEO of HSBC Bank Oman talks about the bank’s financial performance and major achievements across different channels of operations in 2016 How was HSBC Bank Oman’s financial performance in 2016? We have reported a 31.0 per cent increase in net profit for the year ended December 31, 2016 to RO16.9mn compared to RO12.9mn […]

Banking & Finance

Oman ORIX Leasing Company achieved the highest profit and business volumes in its history during 2016. The company will focus on quality of credit and will aim to maintain an adequate margin thereby resulting in a healthy return on investment for the shareholders, says CEO, Shahin Mohammed Al Balushi Can you highlight Oman ORIX Leasing […]

Banking & Finance
National Finance-1

National Finance closed the year with a net profit of RO6.35mn as against RO6.02mn in 2015 representing 5.4 per cent increase and the highest ever in absolute terms in company’s history, says CEO, Robert Pancras in an interview Can you highlight National Finance’s performance in 2016? National Finance is a non-banking finance company with two […]

Banking & Finance
Al Omaniya-1

Al Omaniya Financial Services is contemplating to launch a digital platform to market its product in both B2B and B2C and has plans to enter the credit card business, says CEO, Aftab Patel in an interview Can you highlight Al Omaniya’s financial performance in 2016? Al Omaniya Financial Services, Oman’s largest non-banking financial Institution started […]

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