Pizza Hut conducts Food Safety & Customer Service training


As a part of its ongoing employee development initiatives, Pizza Hut organised an intensive internal training and development program for its national cadre. The workshop was conducted at Pizza Hut Al Hail for employees from across Pizza Hut Oman.

Sulaiman Rashid Al Hosni, and Salim Saleh Al Balushi, from the Pizza Hut Human Resource and Operations team showcased the basic standards and best practices in both Food Safety and Customer Service to the new recruits. The teaching duo drew on their combined experience of over 17 years to deliver an interactive training programme that was followed by a Q&A session.

Commenting on the initiative, Abeer Khalfan Mubarak Al Siyabi, one of the participants, said, “This workshop was both thought provoking and complementary to our immediate TEAM goals. We will surely use the expert advice in our daily activities.”

“Understanding the basics of food safety and customer service are critical success factors to Pizza Hut. Our endeavour is to encourage our employees to excel in maintaining hygiene levels and bring about a delightful customer experience,” said Vivek Pande, CEO, Lifestyle Group, Khimji Ramdas.

Yogesh Shah, General Manager, Pizza Hut Oman said, “Through our structured in-house training programs and continuous monitoring systems we aim to maintain the highest standards of customer care.”

At Pizza Hut Oman, it’s all about delight in every bite. Creating awareness through training and establishing process controls is pivotal to the delight customers with the best in class service.

Salim Saleh Mohamed Al Balushi, Assistant Manager-Operations of Pizza Hut Oman said, “Basic food safety and customer service are the main areas in our business. Such initiatives go a long way in creating the necessary check points and awareness among staff to exceed customer expectation and give them much needed impetus to maintain hygiene levels at the kitchen as well”.

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