Premium French-door refrigerator

Muscat Air-conditioning & Electronics (MACE), the official distributor for Sharp range of consumer electronics and home appliances in the Sultanate, has launched the premium range of French-door refrigerator, the SJ-FS85V .

Design has swept through every single household and, just like all other rooms in the home, the kitchen is no exception. The item that takes up the most amount of room is, without a doubt, the fridge. This led Sharp to put its best designers to work on its latest models.

To cater to the growing need for well designed, large-size and eco-friendly refrigerators, Muscat Air-conditioning & Electronics LLC (MACE), the official distributor for Sharp range of consumer electronics and home appliances in the Sultanate has launched the premium range of French-door refrigerator, the SJ-FS85V. With its refined curves and contemporary style, it will fit right in every kitchen, whatever the surroundings.

It doesn’t just come down to aesthetics and large capacity for the new French-door refrigerator from Sharp – it also incorporates a new exclusive range of technology. With more than 50 years of experience in the refrigeration industry, Sharp continues to innovate:
Plasma-Cluster Ion, a revolutionary technology that makes your fridge more hygienic. A positive and negative ion generator kicks in each time the door is closed, restricting the growth of bacteria and moisture. This helps keep food fresher for longer and preserves their nutrients and freshness. And as the icing on the cake, the ions even get rid of bad odours.

No Frost, a column of ventilated cold air circulates within the fridge and freezer compartment, ensuring optimum circulation of cold air. The result is a consistent temperature in each compartment, preventing the build-up of frost.

Hybrid Cooling uses an aluminium plate at the back of the fridge that is cooled to 0°C to restore moisture in the compartment. It thereby allows a gentle and humid refrigeration to prevent even the most susceptible food from drying out, so that they keep their appearance and taste intact for longer, without having to be covered.

The SJ-FS85 also features an automatic ice dispenser. It also distinguishes itself from other products with its touch control panel. The SJ-FP85V boasts a silvered or black glass front.

The product is as elegant as can be, as it is well designed and models a style that makes it simply irresistible. This refrigerator is not just a must-have any more – it has become part and parcel of interior design.

Thanks to this new environmentally-friendlier French –door refrigerator, Sharp has successfully retained its environmental rating –A+, even with a large capacity. Once again, Sharp has demonstrated its passion for products that are better for the environment.

Breezair – Natural Cooling Solution

Breezair ACs are setting new standards in providing most economical cooling solution for a wide variety of industrial/commercial cooling applications
Breezair Air Conditioning units, the product of Seeley International, Australia were launched in the Sultanate during The Big Show 2013, under auspices of Muscat Electronics LLC, a leader in providing total air conditioning solutions in the Sultanate for a long span of time. All the products of Seeley offer superior performance with relentless efficiency. It is setting new standards in providing most economical cooling solution for a wide variety of industrial/commercial cooling applications.

It provides constant flow of cool fresh air in partially covered and ventilated places like factories, ware houses, commercial kitchens, restaurants, outdoor majlis, open kitchens, bus stops, workshops, garages etc. It brings down the temperature through its evaporative air conditioning technology wherein the cool breeze is created by hot air passing over water soaked cooling pads in the units. Natural evaporation helps soak up the heat and cools the hot air.

Breezair consumes approx. 80% less energy than the conventional air conditioning system and works effectively even when the doors and windows are open. Besides, since the cooling is natural, no harmful gases are emitted from it unlike the conventional air conditioners, which pollute the environment without our knowledge. The system is absolutely Environment and Human friendly.

Owing to 100% freshness, toxic fumes and airborne dust is flushed out which improves the health and safety conditions. The productivity of the employees is found to be steadily on the increase while keeping the temperatures in check especially in hi-temperature areas.

Breezair natural air cooling system costs almost same as the Mechanical Ventilation Systems and at the same time cools and ventilates at a lower running cost. Being lightweight, no special frame for support is required. They are supported solely by ducts, which make it easy and cost effective to install.

Seeley International has been marketing their products in 70 countries. Apart from offering customized cooling solutions, which help save precious energy and money, the organization is also committed to sourcing the most innovative, customer friendly products from around the world.

Daikin: Over 30 years of VRV

For modern building with sophisticated design, the VRV system offers advanced zoning capabilities, enhanced energy efficiency, space-saving design and reliability

Muscat Electronics LLC (ME) the sole distributor of the Daikin brand of air-conditioners has over the years earned the trust of people of of Oman in air-conditioning solutions and for excellence in customer support services amongst others.

In order to elevate the level of high performance and to build a solution unlike any other, Daikin in 1982 developed the world’s first variable refrigerant volume system (VRV) and a result of putting in strenuous efforts, VRV has over the past 30 years earned the reputation of being ‘the intelligent air conditioning solution’ for industrial, commercial and residential use.

For modern building with sophisticated design, the VRV system offers advanced zoning capabilities, enhanced energy efficiency, space-saving design and reliability. The VRV system maintains a nearly constant room temperature without the typical temperature fluctuations. The remarkable features of VRV are:

  • Inverter compressor
  • Environment friendly R410A refrigerant
  • Precise room temperature with +/- 0.5°C attainable
  • Inverter motor options for ducted indoor units
  • Drain pump options for indoor units
  • Fresh air solutions can be integrated to VRV
  • Self diagnosis system for ease of maintenance

The new VRV III pushes the limits to deliver advanced solutions and even more flexibility for the engineered and design-build projects. It can provide building owners with vital data on energy consumption, system operating costs and many other operating and cost parameters. This air conditioning system provides outdoor units that extend air conditioning capacity up to 54 HP. The VRV III series provides the power and versatility you need for flexible design and easy installation in large-sized buildings. The Heat Recovery Series also enables simultaneous cooling and heating, meeting the various needs for temperature control.

The VRV III series has specially designed models for high outdoor temperatures, with an extensive capacity ranging from 8 to 36 HP. The unit can operate in adverse conditions where the temperature reaches as high as 52°C. This series incorporates Daikin’s latest technologies, including long piping and high external pressure, to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

ME has installed 4000 Nos. of VRV systems with R410A refrigerant which are working satisfactorily for the past eight years. The total installed capacity of R410 A VRV in Oman is above 25,000 TR.

Muscat Electronics has a highly skilled design team and very sophisticated service centre.

GMV5 DC Inverter Multi VRF System 

Gree Commercial Air conditioners launched in Oman by Genetco covers the entire range of products from ducted splits, package units, VRF systems, scroll and screw chillers and centrifugal water cooled chillers up to 2200RT single unit

Genetco is one of the largest and most diversified companies with interests in trading and engineering. The company gained significant reputation in retail, distribution, MEP projects, facility management, cold rooms, laundry equipment, industrial kitchens, medical equipment and office automation.

The company has been distributing the products of Gree Electric Appliances in Oman since 2005. Founded in 1991, Gree Electric Appliances Inc Zhuai is the largest air conditioner manufacturer in the world. The company manufactures about a third of the total number of machines manufactured across the world.

Gree Commercial Air conditioners launched in Oman in the year 2012 covers the entire range of products from ducted splits, package units, VRF systems both digital and inverter scroll compressor systems, scroll and screw chillers both air and water cooled and centrifugal water cooled chillers up to 2200RT single unit. The products have been certified by different certification bodies like ARI, Eurovent, SASO, TUV to name a few and are tested in 300 plus UL, TUV and ITS accredited laboratories. The company employs over 3500 scientists owning over 6000 patents leading to quality products which have been accepted across the world.

GMV5 DC Inverter Multi VRF System with its high-efficient inverter compressors have four exciting features which are different from those found on traditional inverter air conditioners – more energy saving and comfortable, more reliable and more precise operation, providing users with the best air conditioning experience. The product is an upgrade of the GMV IV in terms of improved features and engineering.

Looking back at history, Gree launched the first generation VRF the GMV in the year 1998. With improved features, GMV II the DC inverter system VRF was launched in the year 2000 and with R 410A eco friendly refrigerant in 2005.

Subsequently, the launch of world’s first heat recovery VRF System with GMV III was launched in 2006 with capacity increased to 42HP. The fourth generation Gree GMV IV VRF was launched in the year 2008 with capacity going up to 64 HP.

The latest offers from Gree, GMV5 DC Inverter Series is built with state-of-the-art technology. The system comprises all DC Inverter compressors, with concentrated winding which improves the low frequency performance. With the step-less power regulating technology, the DC inverter compressor achieves step less output between 20Hz to 120Hz. The condenser and indoor unit fans are with DC inverter motors. The indoor unit being driven with DC inverter motor also is a pioneering feat.

Gree has invested in VRF technology and has been in the segment for over ten year and has these machines installed in prestigious installation across the globe. This is evident from the continuous upgrades that the company has been doing over the years.

Motors are high efficiency perma synchronous motors which improves compressor efficiency up to 7 per cent . The Fan Motors are step less inverter fan motors with step less speed regulation from a range of 5 Hz to 65 Hz. These are on Sensor less technology which guarantees low noise and less vibration and steadier operation.

In an age where energy saving is most talked about and critical in decision making consideration, cost of ownership, the GMV5 system has two modes of energy saving, one the Auto Energy Saving Mode and the other one a Compulsory Energy Saving Mode, leading savings up to 15 and 20 per cent respectively.

Constantly dedicated 

Khimji Ramdas AC division is able to offer a complete range of HVAC solutions, being a one-stop-shop from design through to after-sales service and maintenance

The AC division of Khimji Ramdas (KR) has been in relentless service to the people of Oman, providing professional air conditioning solutions. For over 35 years many customers have called upon KR ACD to satisfy their complete HVAC needs. A passion in every detail of work at every level, driving continuous engineering practices and innovations has resulted in KR ACD being a preferred HVAC systems and equipment provider in the Sultanate.

This unique status has been achieved by a constant focus on best practices of HVAC, offering world class products. The engineering and design excellence has helped enhance the quality of products/services offered.

The product range is covered by flagship brand “General” of Fujitsu General Japan. Bound by the commitment to deliver excellence Fujitsu General has been offering products which epitomize unmatched quality, design and performance. Continuous R & D and innovation have enabled the manufacturers to equip the products with unique features that ensure strong performance and durability. Over the years it has earned a unique position for itself as the most reliable AC, delivering unequalled cooling in most adverse climatic conditions as of Middle East. The brand also stands for its commitment to be environment friendly and offers many products capable of immense power savings and using environment friendly refrigerants.

These are some of the considerations why customers prefer to pay a premium for “General” ACs over many other brands as the Value for money offsets the higher price factor. This is demonstrated by the fact that ‘General’ has the largest installed base in Oman, with some ACs working to capacity even after a whopping 30 years of service.

The range includes state-of-the-art Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems, ducted splits, cassettes, wall mounted splits and window air conditioners.

KR ACD has enriched its unitary range by adding another reliable brand ‘Classic’ from Saudi Arabia. ‘Classic’ has established itself as a successful brand in Saudi Arabia which experiences extreme hot and arid climate. ‘Classic’ has been brought in Oman to provide “Fit for the Purpose” experience to the customers at very attractive prices.

The commercial air conditioning requirements are supplemented by “Lennox” USA, another renowned brand for HVAC. The range includes Packaged ACs, Ducted range of ACs, AHUs etc. The brand also complies with Environment standards as they use environment friendly gases. Another Japanese brand is SINKO for Fan Coil Units and Air Handling Units.

As commercial requirements go beyond the “cooling’ requirement alone, the Sales & Design Team in KR ACD is able to offer complete HVAC solutions with focus on energy efficiency and Indoor Air Quality. Ventilation solutions being covered by yet another world reputed brand, ‘Greenheck’ of USA.

The brand “Stulz”of Germany, from KR ACD, completes the entire range of commercial requirements, as server rooms / Communication Exchanges are a regular feature in every big Office, requiring 24×7 cooling under highly controlled conditions of temperature & humidity. Stulz is one of the leading manufacturers of the world for Closed Control Units (CCU).

Setting new bench mark 

With a market share of as high as 38 per cent in split units, Panasonic leads the Direct Expansion (DX) air conditioners market in Oman. C Kishore, Divisional Manager, Air Conditioning Projects & Enterprise Sales, Omasco, says with its latest lineup of tropical inverter air conditioners with advanced energy saving and air purification capabilities Panasonic introduces a completely new breed of energy efficient ACs in Oman

Oman Marketing and Services Company (Omasco), the exclusive distributor in Oman of Panasonic air conditioners, is the market leader in the Direct Expansion (DX) AC system in the country. At a market which is still predominantly controlled by DX system, albeit a gradual increase in the demand for new chilled water models recently, Panasonic has a market share as high as 38 per cent in the split unit. In 2012, Omasco sold more than 100, 000 air condition units in Oman. We are the first company and Panasonic the first manufacturer to sell more than 100, 000 split units in a year in Oman,” says C Kishore, Divisional Manager, Air Conditioning Projects & Enterprise Sales. “We have grown consistently in the DX segment but our foray into chilled water has been very minimal because our association is with Panasonic which does not deal in chilled water air-conditioning systems.”

Currently, Panasonic has four ranges of split air conditioners. “The basic model which has all the standard features required for an air conditioner comes with anti-corrosive blue fin contents,” says Kishore. “The second type is the ECONAVY mono sensor air conditioner which saves energy. The third one is Deluxe model with dual sensor which has some additional features loaded on to in 2013. The fourth one is Tropical Invertor first introduced in Oman in 2012.”

Focus on energy saving 

Every product of Panasonic has a small energy saving mechanism in it because the company accords utmost importance to energy conservation energy. It was two years ago that Panasonic came up with is ECONAVI line of products which is now probably the most popular air conditioning product in Oman. “ECONAVI combines intelligent sensor technology with sophisticated control programmes to optimise cooling performance according to room conditions, eliminating wasted energy consumption.”

In 2012 Panasonic introduced world’s first tropical inverter room air conditioners which are ideal for tackling the region’s alarming rate of electricity consumption. The new range of air conditioners comes with the Smart Inverter Compressor, which are powerful, fast and extremely energy efficient. With searing temperatures in the region, the new technology precisely manages the speed of the compressor, resulting in up to 30 per cent less energy consumption compared to a non-inverter model. Says Kishore, “Our sales during the first year were extremely good; we sold close to 4000 tropical air conditioners in 2012 which constitute roughly three per cent of our sales in the country. It is a very good product for the country. There is no other company which is selling tropical invertor we are trying to make people understand that this is a new product which will save energy, bring their utility bills down considerably, and in the long will require lesser electrical infrastructure. All the power distribution companies in Oman will be excited if more people switch on to this new technology as it consumes 30 per cent less energy and in the long run will have a bearing on the electrical infrastructure of the country such as substation and transformers.”

In 2013, the existing range of tropical inverters air conditioners has been upgraded with the new Econavi Sensors which can sense human absence, human activity, sunlight conditions. These sensors automatically adjust cooling power to save energy efficiently with uninterrupted comfort and convenience. Kishore expects the customers in this Deluxe category to migrate to invertor category. He says the 2013 range of invertor product has all the features of the Deluxe products making it the number one product of Panasonic.

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