Want to learn art of making candy? Spun Candy has something for you


For the first time in the Gulf Region, Spun Candy has launched a suite of confectionary making Masterclasses, bringing the sweet art of candy making to Muscat. Under the guidance of candy artists, customers and curious onlookers will have the opportunity to get a hands on experience in making their very own sweets.

“Spun Candy has clearly cast its spell over Muscat and it has been fantastic to see that so many people in Oman share our delicious obsession,” revealed Jannat Moosa, Marketing Director at Bin Mirza International. “Everyone knows our candy is made fresh in store every day and there has been so much curiosity about this. So, to satisfy our fans and to give an introductory taste of our craft, we have introduced a selection of Masterclasses. We have developed them in such a way that there really is something for everyone, whether you are a home chef looking to add to your repertoire, a group of friends wanting to try a different experience, a company seeking a new approach to teambuilding, or simply a lover of all things sugary.”

The Masterclass Menu allows you to pick and mix from a range of delicious experiences including Lollipop Making, Candy Face Making, Candy Flower Making, and Candy Taster. Special Masterclasses for children are available and there are family masterclasses too. Specially adapted group classes are offered to companies for corporate events full of fun, laughter and teamwork.

The Masterclasses use the exact same carefully sourced 100 per cent vegetarian and Gluten free premium products and the finest natural flavouring and colouring as the products in the Spun Candy Store.

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