Identifying future leaders

BizPro awards, an annual National Training Institute event that is aimed at recognising the brightest Omani business professionals and encouraging them to develop and grow, will be held on June 17 this year.

The theme for this year is ‘Change.’ Change is a two way process: it affects us, while at the same time every person is an agent of change, capable of affecting the environment. NTI’s new identity will be unveiled at the event to be held at Grand Hyatt.

For BizPro nominees, being part of the event and receiving the award is a life changing experience because it opens new opportunities, helps to expand professional network and stand out in the market. At the same time, it empowers the young ambitious Omanis to bring change to their country and create an impact.

BizPro Awards will be presented by Renaissance Services, who are fully committed to the development of talented Oman Business Professionals. They been supporting NTI BizPro awards since its inception by way of scholarships to the winners as the company values professionalism and believes in empowering people to strive for their true potential. National Training Institute (NTI), was earlier a Renaissance Services subsidiary.

Stephen R Thomas, CEO, Renaissance Services said, “Like any other employer, Renaissance faces challenges in resourcing and developing talented young Omanis. But anyone who doubts the availability of young Omani future leaders need look no further than the work ethic and enterprising qualities of the BizPro alumni. That is why Renaissance is delighted to sponsor the awards year after year. I have no doubt this year’s short list and eventual winners shall show us more of the same: young professionals with the talent, energy and commitment to make a significant contribution to their employers and their nation. I note many of the finalists come from the same leading companies each year. These are companies that have found the right mix of recruitment, training, reward and incentive to attract, maintain and foster the best Omani talent and encourage their development. So those who say ‘it can’t be done,’ may want to take a close look at those companies to learn how ‘it can be done.’ Congratulations and best wishes to all the finalists.”

The year 2013 was an exciting year of change and growth for NTI. Having acquired by Babcock International, NTI not only gained international exposure but also went on to become a regional leader in the market. The relationship with Babcock brings change to the NTI itself introducing new business models and standards.

The prestigious NTI BizPro Awards recognise young business professionals who have made a worthy contribution in the private sector by displaying initiative, innovation and a relentless pursuit of excellence in leadership competence. The 2013 edition of the awards witnessed intense competition attracting more than 137 nominations this year thanks to a growing corporate sector. Quality leadership has a very important role to play for the growth of business and the BizPro awards are a recognition of the inherent talents, professional attitude and aptitude required to become future leaders. The awards serve as a true source of inspiration and motivation to encourage the Omani youth.

Qais Mohammed Nasser al Hinai, senior manager for HR development at Bank Muscat; Naifin Mohammed al Mazroui, financial analyst with Omanoil Marketing Company; and Abbas Irshad Moosa al Lawati, assistant manager of information systems at ABB, walked away with the “Business Professional of the Year 2013,” award. The finalists and the winners of the awards are selected and screened via an evaluation scheme devised by KPMG in order to ensure that the entire process is fair and credible. This is one of the reasons why NTI BizPro Awards have garnered such strong support from the larger business community.

The awards which were the first-of-its-kind in Oman, were launched in 2007 by NTI with the objective of encouraging, rewarding and most importantly promoting the momentous achievements of Omani business professionals in the private sector.

According to Lawrence Alva, chief executive officer of NTI, “The BizPro awards are an endeavour to be a true source of inspiration and motivation, which encourage the Omani youth to carry on the sultanate’s success story to the next level.”

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