Training your dog — Is it important?


Training imparts physical and mental stimulation to your dog and socialise them with other dogs, people and new environments, writes Alfa Vold, Managing Director, Canadian Jebel K9 Training Centre.

All dogs, no matter what breed require guidance to understand what is expected of them. Some dogs require more than others and it can be stressful if you have a dog that is unruly or displays behavioural issues.

Training with your dog can be a very rewarding and fun activity and when we approach it with a positive attitude your dog will be become more attentive and look forward to training.
Make every interaction you have with your dog a training session, for instance, during daily routines such as feeding, play/walk time or grooming, all are enjoyable activities for your dog and when you incorporate obedience exercises with these positive interactions you are setting boundaries, providing structure while making obedience rewarding for him. The result is a dog that becomes more alert and focused on you.

Benefits of Obedience training
Everyone enjoys a trained dog with good manners; giving him fewer restrictions and more freedom.

Training is a great way to exercise your dog. He receives physical and mental stimulation.
Training classes socialise dogs with other people, dogs and new environments. They learn to be calm and focused when exposed to new sights and sounds in the future.

Improves communication between you and your dog; your bond will become stronger.
Creates mutual respect and demonstrates to your dog his rank in your household. With some dogs this is not a problem however it can be an issue to a dog who does not respect you as the authority.

Obedience gives you the necessary control in an emergency situation.

Getting Started
Puppies from two months old can be taught manners and basic commands. Remember they get tired faster and sleep for longer intervals than adults, and have shorter attention spans. Lots of patience and constant positive reinforcement is the key.

Dogs of any age can enjoy training. A few guidelines to remember are consistency in rewards and timing, and using the same commands for both good and bad behaviour. Consistency prevents confusion and the dog learns faster.

Work on one command at a time until it is mastered.
Start with short training sessions and build up gradually to longer sessions each time.
Add a play session to mark a release at the end of training, your dog will look forward to the sessions! This is easy to accomplish when you understand what motivates your dog and use this as his reward for obeying your command.

Dogs that have no basic training are prone to be naughty and can create a stressful environment for the owner and dog alike. A dog that is prone to misbehaving in public can create anti-dog sentiment, and can contribute to legal restrictions.

The bottom line is that dog obedience training truly benefits everyone. It is one of the most important aspects of raising a dog and that investment will pay off as in the long run you will have a happier dog that is more relaxed and a true pleasure.

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