Saving energy

Oman Cables Industry has introduced efficient water and electricity management systems at its factory and office premises, aimed at reducing its water and electricity consumption by 15 per cent and 5 per cent respectively .

Oman Cables Industry (OCI) has quantified and monitored regularly its electricity and water consumption and set up low-cost, sustainable and effective systems in order to reduce the consumption, per unit production, by 15 per cent in water and 5 per cent in electricity.

Lighting up three large plants can draw a lot of electric energy. OCI has put in continuous efforts to decrease electricity consumption for lighting while increasing the lux levels. This is done by replacing lamps that require 400 watts by energy saving lamps (T54) that only need 100watts, at the same time increasing lux levels from 20 to 250 lux. To improve lighting of the factories, UV protected polycarbon sheets were introduced. These sheets allow natural light to enter, keeping out the UV radiation, thus reducing the requirement for lighting during the day. This was a major energy saving initiative as the factories were well lit during the day by natural light alone. Another effort made to control the wastage of electricity was to retrofit the lamps with timers. Timers are set to switch on in the evening at 5:30pm and switch off in the morning at 7:00am giving a total time of 10.5 hours. The low voltage (LV) room needs to be cool all the time. For this purpose they have been fitted with three air conditioning units.

Monthly monitoring of electricity consumption was done to quantify the amount of electricity consumed per unit production. On studying and comparing the consumption of electricity per unit production of cable- for the year 2011 and 2012 (till March), a reduction of 7 per cent was observed, which was well above the targeted 5 per cent. The reduction in electricity consumption was also reflected in the electricity bills which reduced drastically over 2011-2012.

Water consumption

OCI’s Fork Lift Servicing is a regular activity that requires a large quantity of fresh water for purposes such as washing. In order to reduce the fresh water intake for this activity, OCI has installed an oil-water separator. This separates/skims oil or grease from the wash water leaving behind water that can be reused for washing. OCI has also installed water saving taps and showers in all toilets and bath rooms in order to achieve saving up to five litres per minute and 10 litres per minute respectively; and set up grey/treated water line connection at all plants of OCI for gardening purposes, instead of using fresh water.

Monthly monitoring of water consumption was done to quantify the amount of water consumed per unit production. Separate water metres were installed at different locations of OCI to identify areas of high water consumption and areas where control systems can be introduced. On studying and comparing the consumption of water per unit production of cable, for the year 2011 and 2012, a reduction of 19.5 per cent was observed, which was well above the targeted 15 per cent.

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