The NTI Bizpro Awards’ main objective has been to recognise talented young Omani business professionals in the private sector and prepare them to be future beacons of success for the next generation. The ninth edition of the NTI Bizpro Awards is all set to take the initiative to new heights.

Bizpro Awards, an annual National Training Institute (NTI) initiative, recognises young business professionals who have made a significant contribution in the private sector by displaying initiative, innovation, leadership qualities and a passion for pursuing excellence. Since its inception in the year 2007, the NTI Bizpro Awards initiative has been all about recognising and felicitating young Omani business professionals across the private sector, who hold promise to become tomorrow’s leaders. Today, the initiative has become a true source of inspiration and motivation for the youth to carry on the success story to the next level.

This year, the nomination process begins on March 2 and closes on March 31. The nominees for the Awards are thoroughly assessed by an elite panel of industry specialists from KPMG, who as evaluation partners for this Awards, are looking after the process of evaluation and selection of finalists. The stringent assessments and completely transparent process in selecting the finalists make this award unique. All of the past winners of the Bizpro Awards have made their employers proud and are now key decision makers in the corporate sector.

The Awards process will culminate in a grand finale which will be held on May 27 this year and is sure to set the stage for preparing more role models for the next generation. The NTI Bizpro Awards creates a platform for future leaders to be showcased to their aspiring peers in the corporate sector and the next generation of talented minds.

The nominees themselves and the corporates who nominate their executives have come to hold this award in very high esteem, making it the most sought-after award within the corporate circle. The NTI Bizpro Awards for the ‘Business Professional of the Year’ has definitely helped raise the bar for young Omanis in the corporate sector. There are increasing number of youngsters who are now seeking to be nominated into this award forum. The meticulous selection process and the excitement of winning this prestigious award is helping many young Omanis to focus their energies on developing themselves through learning and developing themselves as great professionals.

Achievement, excellence and talent are among the key themes of the 2015 NTI Bizpro Awards. Young Omani talent in the private sector needs to be nurtured towards the pursuit of excellence and their achievement calls for recognition. For Renaissance Services, the presenter, and NTI, the founder and organiser, carrying on the Bizpro Awards for the ninth consecutive year, is a great pride since the initiative is in line with the developmental objectives and the great vision of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, for the youth of the nation.

Details on the nominations to the NTI Bizpro Awards for the Business Professional of the Year, can be obtained on the NTI

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