The Art of Healing

Villy Doctor, a renowned Indian spiritual healer and social worker, talks to OER about spiritual healing, the role of meditation in stress relief and how it rejuvenates body, mind and spirit .

What is the role of meditation in stress relief?

It has been scientifically proven that meditation relieves stress. Scientists have mapped the specific physiological factors e.g., heart rate (HR), blood pressure, respiratory functions, galvanic skin response (sweating of the palms) etc., and have observed changes that happen amongst meditators. All these parameters indicate that the meditators are more relaxed than the non-meditators i.e. the non-meditating high stress groups. Meditation helps in balancing the endocrine system and thus brings about homeostasis or balance in the internal bodily systems. At the same time, it helps one to focus and think clearly, make balanced and right decisions and achieve peace and calm in one’s day-to-day functions. Meditation benefits people who have constant backaches, body aches, tension headaches, which are all because of stress. It helps individuals to become super-efficient at work and hence the time taken for a task decreases leaving the meditator with more leisure time for relaxation and recovery.

Can you throw more light on ‘Light of Life’ and its various initiatives?

Light of Life was created to clear the clouds of darkness in people’s lives, to give people a chance to experience lives full of joy and fulfillment. It is especially created for the less-privileged and orphans, for their development in life. The objectives of Light of Life broadly classified under three verticals are:

Anando: Education. To realise the untapped potential of rural children
Awakening: (Jagruti) Holistic Community living
Angan: Healthcare, with alternative therapies to allopathic medicine and a hospice for the terminally ill.

The first initiative of Light of Life was to focus on promoting education and health in far-flung villages of Gujarat and Maharashtra in India. Light of Life has so far impacted and transformed the lives of more than 9,000 children through sustained education, vocational training and created employability.

Under the second objective of Jagruti, we have recently launched a Medical Mobile Unit which covers far-to-reach areas that are inaccessible to health care facilities and cover a radius of up to 35 kms from our base at Tiware and will reach out to a rural population of around 50,000, including tribal areas. It shall visit planned villages in a day on a regular basis. Preliminary cases which can be treated shall be dealt with at the camp site. Cases requiring diagnostic measures and specialist opinion shall be referred to the medical diagnostic centre. Further, our JeevanAsha Community Centre offers vocational training programmes at our base at Tiware and is running the following courses successfully:

  • Basic computer training
  • MSCIT courses
  • Beautician courses
  • Agriculture training programmes

In addition, Satellite Centres are being run:

  • In Dahivali village – in computer training : basic course, MSCIT, hardware
  • In Khandas village – sewing and tailoring

Short-term certificate courses in agriculture in different remote villages in collaboration with Bank of India under its Star Swarozgar Scheme.

Further, construction for the other projects – children’s home, senior citizen home and medical diagnostic centre- is ready to commence soon.

In a world that is highly dependent on modern medicine, how does one advocate the cause for alternative treatments such as spiritual healing? 

It is with awareness and experience of the positive effects of spiritual healing that slowly people begin to accept it as an alternative treatment. However, in a world that is highly dependent on modern medicines, there is an initial resistance but people realise how soothing, nurturing and energising this process is. At the same time, it is easy and quick and the results are felt by them immediately. These tangible benefits and being cured are the proofs. Nothing more is required. What is most important is that I don’t charge anything either monetary or in kind for healing. It is my service to mankind. Also, I do not promote myself in any manner. It is only through word-of-mouth that people come to know about me and the healing process.

(Villy Doctor will be in Oman from September 26 to October 1. For further information, please contact: MeetaJesrani- 99357902 ChandrakanthChothani- 99346083 or TejasKapasi- 99465497)

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