Sohar Refinery & Polypropylene Plant Turn Around progressing well


Orpic’s Sohar Refinery & Polypropylene Plant is currently undergoing a major planned turnaround / maintenance activity. This planned turnaround is undertaken every 3 years to carry out normal equipment cleaning and inspection and also to carry out major modifications to key items of equipments.

This time the scope is larger as Orpic wants to make modifications to the existing plant to allow a full integration of the new units, being constructed under the Sohar Refinery Improvement Project (SRIP), due for commissioning later in the year.

Explaining the need for the planned shutdown, Ralph Clim, Acting COO, Orpic, stated, “Sohar Refinery maintains Orpic’s daily production reliably as it produces approx. 60% of our requirements. This is very crucial for us as in the near future it will be linked to SRIP as part of our expansion plans. This shutdown is being used to execute a number of maintenance activities in order to improve the operational performance of Orpic’s Plants. It is by far the most complex one undertaken yet, but we are happy with the progress and hope to deliver on time, on budget and as promised.”

The turnaround has surpassed 1,500,000 man hours with four first aid cases reported and no Lost Time Injuries (LTI’s). The turnaround commenced on 23 February 2016 and is still scheduled to be completed in the 61 day schedule. One of Orpic’s key mission is to ensure that its operations run safely and smoothly at all time.

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