OAMC Launches Taxi meter system for the first time in Oman


Oman Airports Management Company (OAMC) announced, last Friday, a new electronic meter payment system for airport taxis. A number of company officials launched the new system by taking the first trip to ensure the new system works as required. An official statement also confirmed that the taxi meter system will not raise the usual taxi fees, but will help in regulating the taxis, while also enhancing overall transparency of the system. The installation of these new taxi meters is in line with the new strategy of the company, highlighted by the slogan ‘Growing gateways to beauty and opportunity’.
The head of transportation at OAMC also confirmed that the new system was put into operation last Friday in all taxis operating at the Muscat International Airport. Fares will start from OMR 6, and will increase at the rate of 200 Bz per kilometre, which is comparable to the previous pricing but is more streamlined and transparent. The new pricing is also in line with those put in place in a majority of countries where this type of service is in use. Furthermore, because the system is electronically regulated and overseen by a company, as opposed to the individual driver himself, it will be more readily appreciated and accepted by tourist visiting the country.
In addition to the standard fees, the airport taxi’s also offers drop-offs to destinations outside of Muscat. However, these destinations will use a fixed fee system starting from OMR 15 for a trip to Barka, all the way to OMR 250 for the trip to Salalah, in Dhofar.
OAMC confirmed that the new system reflects the company’s commitment to efficient performance and highest standards of service and hospitality; in line with the government vision to enhance the performance of the tourism sector in order for it to play a pivotal role in the Sultanate’s efforts towards economic diversification.
OAMC offers taxi bookings via its website at www.omanairports.com. Users are also welcomed to present their suggestions and queries on the taxi service to OAMC via a dedicated e-mail address – taxi@omanairports.com.

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