Perseverance pays

Ahmed Tufail, KPMG’s first Omani Partner speaks to OER about the qualities that have enabled him achieve professional excellence.

Can you give us some details about your education and professional background?

I started my career in KPMG Oman as Audit trainee in 1995 after completing high school. I cleared the professional exams of Association of Accounting Technician and Association for Chartered Certified Accountants and moved to KPMG’s Houston office in the US on an international assignment and gained professional experience in providing audit and assurance services to large US publicly listed oil and gas companies. During secondment, I also completed the Certified Public Accountant (US) and attained membership in the Council of Petroleum Accountant Societies of US.

What are your thoughts on being promoted as a partner at KPMG Oman?

I am delighted in achieving this important milestone and to take on new responsibilities, as it encompasses leading large professional teams working on complex engagement as well as acting as a senior representative of the firm. Being a first Omani partner, I would like to set the scene for our Omani employees that nothing is impossible and working hard with a clear mind does pay off. I believe that the accounting profession in Oman has great potential to attract and develop a number of Omani nationals to be future business leaders.

What are the attributes that have enabled you to become the first Omani partner at the consulting firm?

Commitment, persistence, conviction, obtaining professional experience and focus on goals. The journey has been full of challenges, the first was to qualify and second was to make it through the various grades. Looking back at my career spanning more than eighteen years at KPMG, much of the experience I’ve gained so far has been due to the interaction and working with professionals across a range of fields. It’s a process that is often multi-disciplinary and provides an opportunity to widen your skills and acquire new competencies. I think it has been the most valuable experience for me at KPMG.

Is there a piece of advice that you would you like to give other young Omanis who are embarking on a career?

It’s important to have a long term vision when embarking into a career. Every decision you take will influence the path and speed of your career growth. Keeping a long term vision will assist you in taking the right direction.

How do you see yourself contributing to KPMG’s practice in future?

Looking ahead, as a partner of KPMG, I will continue to drive innovative audit strategies for KPMG clients with the best accounting, auditing, and industry knowledge to perform the most efficient, highest quality service to develop our next generation of Omani auditors. I will also focus on developing young Omani accounting students in obtaining professional accounting qualification whilst gaining work experience. Currently KPMG has more than 25 Omani trainees studying to qualify as Chartered Certified Accountant.

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