Oman Cables Industry acts as a responsible corporate citizens in compliance with the environmental norms. The company has energy and material saving programmes as well as reusing and recycling initiatives, says CEO, Gert Hoefman

gert-hoeffman_oman-cableOman Cables Industry has always been at the forefront of the implementation of in-country value (ICV), corporate social responsibility (CSR) and recycling since the foundation of the company in 1984. Oman Cables is an internationally renowned public listed company on the Muscat Securities Market (MSM) which comprises local Omani and international investors.

Says Gert Hoefman, CEO: “Oman Cables is known as ‘Truly Omani, Trusted Globally’ which signifies the quality, safety, reliability and the trusted genuine products. The company has actively and successfully encompassed the main objectives and key considerations that have been formulated at management level and included in the mission, vision and values. Part of the company’s values is to act as ‘responsible corporate citizens in compliance with the environmental norms’.”

He adds, “When it comes to in-country value and corporate social responsibility, the local content improvement programme of Oman Cables is an essential subject on which the company measures on a monthly basis the improvement in sourcing materials and services from local companies (with a focus on SMEs). The latest achievements indicate that RO111mn is spent on local and GCC sourcing, an improvement of more than 10 per cent over 2015”.

Further to the specific subject of resource savings, the following initiatives have been deployed by the company.

Energy saving:

The first objective in energy saving is to have optimum utilisation of all machines through efficient machine planning, scheduling and performance monitoring.

– Continuous investing in modern world class energy efficient equipment enables the company to make more cable with less energy.

– Energy awareness and electricity saving is encouraged throughout the company through visual communication programs run by the HSE department.

– Monitoring equipment installed on various plant equipment records the energy consumption. The data is analysed by the engineering team who in turn recommends improvements through technology or method improvement.


Material saving:

Material saving are achieved by continuously working on the reduction of material scrap. By using closed loop water cooling systems, Oman Cables reduces and minimizes the water consumption.


Reuse and Recycling:

– Steel cable drums are returned from the customers and are reused after refurbishing.

– In process material waste that is generated during the machine setting is saved and mixed with new material for reuse.

– Wooden pallets and other wood packing material received from raw material suppliers are recycled to produce wooden pallets used for the distribution of building wire products.



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