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Health Care
Changing dynamics

Oman’s healthcare landscape is riding the crest of a qualitative change driven by a plethora of initiatives both in the public and private sectors.

The flagship sedan

Tom Lee, Vice President, Head of Middle East Regional Headquarters, Hyundai Motor Company talks about the new Centennial and Hyundai’s differentiation in an interview with OER .

Making a difference

Muriya’s Sifawy Boutique Hotel and Juweira Hotel have signed up with Environmental Society of Oman to launch a campaign urging their guests to donate RO1 for preserving Oman’s natural heritage.

Data is the headline for telcos

The mobile phone, which has become much more than a ubiquitous part of your life, has changed the telecommunications industry landscape inside out and raised the bar for the way network operators and providers have to operate.

Opportunities for Omani banks in Germany

Germany is by far the biggest trading partner of Oman within the European Union. This creates new opportunities for the Omani banks to expand their client base in Germany by taking advantage of international trading relationship.

The Master

This books gives a ringside view of Warren Buffet’s unprecedented financial acumen and wealth creation over five decades.

Energised Performance

With its sophisticated construction and reliable CA100 alloy, the Energizer Premium battery is the best choice for modern vehicles with lots of simultaneously operating electronic devices.

Growing golf at grassroots level

Oman Golf Committee’s junior golf strategy is aimed at building capacity through a national school initiative and growing a base of talented national players.