Sabre shares top technology trends shaping travel in Oman


Sabre Corporation, a leading global technology provider to the travel and tourism industry, has unveiled the top technology trends shaping the future of travel in Oman. The trends were shared by Sabre at an industry event in Muscat for top Oman travel industry professionals.

Online, mobile, personalization and big data were among the top trends highlighted as driving the transformation of travel and the traveler experience.

“The Oman travel industry is set to rapidly evolve in the coming years as consumer behaviours evolve and their appetite for technology increases,” said Daniel Naoumovitch, CEO Sabre Travel Network Middle East. “These tech-savvy consumers now expect travel to be easily accessible online, on their smartphones, and even wearable devices. For travel businesses to succeed in this changing environment, it is vital to integrate these technologies into their roadmap and growth plan. Companies that do this will differentiate their business and succeed in stay ahead of consumer needs.” he said.

Experts from Sabre shared a future view of how mobile, online, data and personalization could be integrated into current travel agency systems to meet traveller’ expectations and drive greater loyalty and business results.

Naoumovitch said investments the travel industry made in technology would have a healthy impact on the Oman economy.

“The Oman travel industry contributes 10 per cent of Oman GDP which is only second after Oil and Gas. Continued investments into travel will ensure sustained growth and profitability in this thriving and exciting industry, and will drive continued business benefits for the whole country,” said Naoumovitch.

Sabre announced key partnerships with travel agencies in Oman including providing Marmul Travels them Midoffice solution implementation, renewal agreement with Universal Travels after a successful long business relationship, and Khimji House of Travel.

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