Shifting Paradigms



Gone are those days where an employee could plan to enhance his or her job knowledge based on a university degree or an occasional workshop/ seminar. Organisations and employees today need to have lifelong learning as an integral part of their activity. Companies need to reinvent themselves to respond to emerging business opportunities and competitive landscape and most critical to that corporate reinvention is employee development. Employees must continually acquire new knowledge and skills to help drive success and keep themselves abreast with new work methods and innovations which is happening in their sphere of business.   

We are immensely pleased to be knowledge partners for the second edition of the OER HR & Finance Summit with the theme of “Building a learning organisation”. The conference would examine in detail the rise and responsibility of talent development in the days to come.

Organisations in Oman have been gearing themselves up to absorb the 25, 000 job opportunities which has been announced by the government for the Omani youth. While providing the job opportunity is the easier part of the process, the challenging portion is to work with the young inexperienced intake and teach them job skills and life skills and train them on all the work processes, so that they become productive and start contributing at the earliest possible time.  Considering the large number of intakes which each organisation will be going through and the expected skill gap, this process cannot happen without a proper and planned learning and development intervention.

Organisations need to look at cost effective and more efficient ways of imparting learning which has now become a reality, thanks to technology. E-learning, mobile learning, micro learning, What’sApp-based learning, game-based learning etc. have brought in multifarious options to organisations to bring world-class training and development to employees at minimal costs. Managers need to hone their skills in being people developers and mentors. HR professionals need to reinvent themselves and become tech-savvy since every aspect of their activity now has some element of technology. Finance professionals need to constantly reinvent themselves since intelligent machines are fast replacing humans in performing some critical tasks.    

This year’s conference will therefore focus on some of these exciting areas

  • How to create an environment that encourages and supports continuous learning
  • Modern trends in learning
  • Using machine learning and artificial intelligence in learning
  • Using psychometrics in learning 

We are getting some wonderful experts from across the globe to ensure that the conference day is filled with loads of learning.   

All registering delegates also have an opportunity to complete a complimentary e-learning course offered by our e-learning partner.

The first fifty registered delegates for the break session on using psychometrics for learning will have access to a complimentary personal behavioral assessment using the world famous Kornferry Hay group’s Talent Q assessments.

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