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Al Mouj Muscat sets the stage for a memorable Eid Al Adha

Al Mouj Muscat makes it easier for everyone looking to have a fantastic break during this year’s Eid Al Adha. With its quality assets, The Walk, Al Mouj Marina and Al Mouj Golf along with two premium hotels, Kempinski Muscat and Mysk Al Mouj, Al Mouj Muscat has numerous activities and offers this year to […]

Bentley premieres new film
Bentley Premieres New Film To Celebrate Its 100th Year

  Bentley Motors, founded 10th July 1919, is entering its 100th year of creating the world’s most iconic Grand Tourers, and the British luxury brand is honouring decades of innovation, achievement and craftsmanship by releasing a short film ‘An Extraordinary Grand Tour: The Story of Bentley’. From W.O. Bentley himself, right up to the new […]

BSM artists show their class and touch

Talent and skills come together in the most extraordinary explosion of colours, shapes, and forms at an exhibition of art and craft, The Collection, by students of the British School Muscat that opened at the Omani society for Fine Arts. The spontaneous verve and of energy of young minds is all too apparent all around. […]

Tough Mudder tests participants' toughness and stamina
Tough Mudder heading for Oman

  Now here’s an event that’s out to prove that mud is good for your body, and not just for your face. Grandma’s tales and the traditional mud face packs in beauty parlours are passe. Tough Mudder has carried mud to the next level far beyond anything you could’ve imagined. Now you can have fitness […]

anwar sonya
The legend of Anwar Sonya

  The thing with a few legends is that they show no outward signs of being legendary. They seem to be completely untouched by or unaware of their greatness that wraps itself around them like some kind of an invisible mantle. Metaphorically speaking, you might say such people are like mountains, unmoved by the swirl […]

art cover
Artists Paint their Visions of Oman

  The latest edition of WOW (Wednesday on Walls) art exposition that opened on Wednesday, May 2, at the Al Majlis Café, inside City Season’s Hotel, is not about what artists see when they get down to paint a landscape, but rather about how they see what they see, in a kind of a prismatic […]

saleem shakhi
Songs of the Desert

  Omani artist Saleem Sakhi has a knack of simplifying and minimalizing his subjects. In his hands, nature and environment are reduced to the barest minimum of lines and forms and stark colours are laid flat in soft muted shades. A single gaze is all it takes to succumb to the understated enchantment of his […]

The Founder's Memorial - The Constellation
New cultural landmark The Founder’s Memorial opens in Abu Dhabi

  The Founder’s Memorial, a new cultural attraction commemorating the UAE’s founding President, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, has opened in the UAE capital, Abu Dhabi. Through an artistic exploration of the life, legacy and values of Sheikh Zayed, the memorial offers a unique opportunity to become immersed in the history and […]

Cirque Du Soleil, Varekai in Melbourne
Saudi Arabia’s GEA Announces Top Entertainment Partners at Summit

  Saudi Arabia’s General Entertainment Authority (GEA) hosted a Summit at Beverly Hills to introduce and attract entertainment ventures across the United States. The GEA is responsible for the development and regulation of the entertainment sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Summit explored the Kingdom’s focus on creating a more vibrant society as […]