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Talent and skills come together in the most extraordinary explosion of colours, shapes, and forms at an exhibition of art and craft, The Collection, by students of the British School Muscat that opened at the Omani society for Fine Arts. The spontaneous verve and of energy of young minds is all too apparent all around.

The quality and standards of the art and craft works on display is nothing short of superb. Another fine example of what young students are capable of doing with the right kind of mentoring and nurturing.

Sponsored by LuLu, the exhibition brought together the rich diversity senior school students, from Grade Nine to Grade 13, as well as a mix of adult students, part of the school’s Adult Education Fine Art Programme. British School Principal Kai Vascher addressing the gathering said: “ As the world’s problems become more complex and the opportunities more competitive, I am delighted that through teaching subjects such as Art and Design we are developing our students’ ability to be creative and innovative.”

He added: “The British school would like to extend their gratitude and thanks to LuLu, in particular, Mr Stephen Griffins, Retail Operations Manager, and Mr Shabeer, for their generous sponsorship”.

Grade 10 student Vanya Amitya Putri is from Indonesia and has been studying fine art for the last six years at BSM. She likes to draw portraits in muted pale shades of acrylic and gouache with stray elements of fantasy and surrealism. Vanya says “Art is liberating”.

Elouise Sellers’ eye-catching installation of brightly coloured flowers is proving to be a big hit at the exhibition. She says it has taken her a full month to complete. Does she love flowers. She smiles as she replies. It was an assigned project given by art teacher, so I just did it. Looks good, doesn’t it?. Her exhibits at the exhibitions also includes an interesting canvas, showing inclination towards portraiture.

Another girl is keen to have herself photographed alongside a portrait of herself.

Naturally the first question that comes to mind is: “Have you done these?”
“Oh, no, not at all. These are portraits of me all right. But they have been done by my older sister”.

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