New Muscat International Airport Commences Operations

Image Source: ONA
Image Source: ONA


The new Muscat International Airport (MIA), which currently has a capacity of 20 million passengers per year, has commenced operations. The capacity of the new airport will rise to 56 million passengers in the subsequent phases.

Dr. Mohammed bin Nasser al-Za’abi, CEO of the Public Authority of Civil Aviation (PACA), said that the airport has great potentials in terms of area, boarding bridges, lounges and 59 aircraft parking spaces compared to 27 parking spaces at the old airport, as well as car parking spaces, which can accommodate more than 7 thousand cars. He hoped that the new Muscat International Airport will offer a unique travel experience for travellers and visitors to the Sultanate.

He explained that the total cost of all packages and facilities of the new Muscat International Airport amounted to about RO 1.7 billion. He pointed out that the airport reflects the nature and tourism potentials of the Sultanate and the diversity of its topography. The new airport will promote and revitalize the national economy in general and the logistics sector in particular.

 Dr. al-Za’abi pointed out that affirmed that all aspects related to the readiness of all air links between the aircrafts, passenger terminal, ground services and all the systems of the airport, free market and the hotel were ensured. The hotel includes 90 rooms, in addition to the readiness of the human staff working at the airport. The area of ​​the terminal building at the new Muscat International Airport is 580 thousand square meters while the airport land area is about 25.2 million square meters.

Ayman bin Ahmed al-Hosani, CEO of Oman Airports, said that a plan has been put in place to move from the old passenger building to the new passenger terminal at Muscat International Airport. He added that 45 operating systems for simulation experiments were conducted with the participation of 27,000 volunteers. He explained that all the governmental and private institutions operating in the old building have moved to the new building according to the plan.

 The total area of ​​the new airport terminal building is 580,000 square meters and consists of three wings, including 118 flight clearance desks by airliners and 82 desks for travel clearance by the Royal Oman Police (ROP). The terminal includes a hotel with 90-rooms equipped with necessary guest services and can accommodate building up to 90 additional rooms.


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