A Philanthropic Mission


The ninth edition of Nawras Goodwill Journey to be held in the month of Ramdan seeks to advance education and computer literacy amongst Omani women, and encourage early learning and education for children in local communities .

Beginning as an idea from a group of employees in 2005, the ninth Nawras Goodwill Journey is taking place in Ramadan to provide support and donation to Omani Women’s Associations across the Sultanate. The annual corporate social responsibility programme continues to support Omani families and communities in order to improve their daily lives in a sustainable way.

Nawras manager – protocol and Goodwill Journey leader, Khalid Al Zadjali, says, “Our mission this year is to advance education and computer literacy amongst Omani women, and encourage early learning and education for children in these communities. Nawras Goodwill Journey has always been our distinctive and pleasingly different way for our volunteers to help in local communities.”

He added, “We want to continue bringing joy to people’s lives in the villages and governorates we visit during our travels in the Holy Month of Ramadan. It is important for us to recognise the hardships some face and that by taking a simple caring step, we can achieve so much together in bettering the lives of those less fortunate in Oman.”

The company’s aim this year is to enhance services for women in the Sultanate, Nawras will provide the necessary tools to help with health and education needs and alleviate the difficulties faced by less fortunate families. The Omani Women’s Associations’ programmes include educating women in handicraft industries to improve their skills and capabilities, establishing charitable projects and conducting awareness seminars and lectures to promote social, educational and health advances at home and in the community as a whole.

Since the first Nawras Goodwill Journey, volunteers have travelled thousands of kilometres across Oman each year to provide charitable organisations with donations ranging from the latest technology and household appliances to vehicles and football pitches. Each Goodwill Journey is tailored to the indivi dual needs of the recipients with donations designed to enhance the services offered by each organisation to benefit the local community in which it serves.

Fasting members of the Nawras Goodwill Journey leave their own families during the holy month of Ramadan to visit charitable and non-governmental organisations in the Sultanate. For eight consecutive years, the journey has helped more than 7,000 families in need and travelled over 48,000 kilometres across Oman to bring joy to local communities.

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