M91 fuel launched in Oman

The Ministry of Oil and Gas announced that the country’s new fuel—M91—will cost 173 baisas a litre. That’s four baisas more than the regular fuel it is replacing, which is M90, from Nov 1.

The price of Super grade petrol was hiked to 183 baisas from 179 per litre and a litre of diesel now costs 187 baisas, up from 185 baisas. M90 has now been replaced with M91, according to the ministry.

According to Orpic, the fuel looks set to master the market in Oman, with up to 85 per cent of all cars on Oman’s roads being able to use it. The top five selling vehicles in Oman can all run on M91, according to a website created by Orpic for drivers to select the best fuel for their cars.

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