NBO Works Closely To Support Government Initiatives

NBO New HQ 1


Continuing to drive forward their vision of being the bank of choice, the National Bank of Oman is playing the role of convener to key government officials to conduct meetings with great integrity. This move is in keeping with Vision 2040, to transform Oman into a knowledge based society, which serves as the economic blueprint of the Sultanate and to maintain economic and social growth.

Hassan Abdul Amir Shaban , General Manager – Chief Government Banking Officer at NBO said, “National Bank of Oman’s decision to host high level meetings for government representatives is a show of our extended support and confidence in the future of Oman’s banking industry. Our role is to provide financial services that help people and businesses achieve their goals and reach their potential. Enabling the economy to thrive is our core purpose, as it contributes significantly to a healthy, well-functioning society. We look forward to serve our nation because their success is our success”.

Since its inception in 1973, National Bank of Oman has been closely involved in the progress of the Sultanate. Over the years, the bank has established hassle-free seamless banking solutions and other services to all ministries and government sectors. NBO remains committed to support the government’s initiatives to financial and social developments by diversifying the national economy and becoming an integral member of the society.

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