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Make a Plan

The second session of Oman Debate 2012 titled ‘Freezones and Industrial Areas: Powerhouses of tomorrow- Opportunities and Challenges’ witnessed spirited deliberations on the accountability of the government and corporates, transparency, industrial relations, reformation of labour law etc. Excerpts. Tim: We will get from the panel a sense of where they are on the question ‘Is […]

Is Oman Future Ready?

Oman Debate 2012 sets a roadmap for the Sultanate’s socio-economic development in the coming years. Excerpts from Session 1, titled ‘Is Oman Future Ready?’ which threw fresh insights into shaping a better tomorrow for the country.

Meet the future halfway

Excerpts from the speech of HE Ali Bin Masoud Al Sunaidi, Minister of Commerce and Industry, at Oman Debate 2012.

Tougher choices for Kuwait

Kuwait is considering a review of its too generous subsidy programme, with the Emir recently calling on legislators to find ways to stop ‘the squandering of the country’s resources’.

Gateway to aquatic wonders

The recently launched 100-birth marina at Jebel Sifah by Muriya Tourism Development offers a spectacular opportunity for water enthusiasts to explore a raft of uncharted splendours in the sea of Oman. Muhammed Nafie reports.

Tapping the potential

Hussain Al Yafai, Head of Corporate and Institutional Clients and Head of Financial Markets, Standard Chartered Oman, shares his vision on strengthening corporate banking and financial markets in Oman, in an interview with Muhammed Nafie.

Building capacity

Middle East’s aviation industry is forging ahead with massive expansion strategy, but air traffic management continues to be a key issue affecting the growth of regional airlines. Muhammed Nafie reports

Internal Controls: Key to organisational excellence

Internal Controls were referred to as early as the late 1940s. Gradually they grew in importance; initially being the informal systems an enterprise would need to have in order to function well, the focus being on administrative controls to ensure smooth functioning followed by accounting and operational controls.

Time tested values

Bertrand Gros, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Geneva watchmaker Rolex shares his thoughts on the marquees financial results and future plans.