World Music Day: Uniting People Through Music


We have often heard that music is a universal language. It has earned itself the title of being a sweet escape from reality as well as a unifying medium. But, how far is that true?

On World Music Day, we decide to have a short look at the way that music has created a global impact.

All of you may or may not have heard about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a quick insight; the UN set up a group of 17 goals that are to be achieved by the year 2030, to make the world a better place. Such a mission requires the support from their audiences, and the coolest way they did that is by conducting the famous Global Citizen Festival.

The Global Citizen Festival is nothing but a massive music festival being held for the past five years to get millions of people to join forces in achieving the SDGs. The festival held in 2016 encouraged 1.3 million actions from Global Citizens. People helped not just because they wanted to but also because they were given a chance to attend this musical evening with absolutely no charge in return.

Apart from this, what all of you should have heard about was the Manchester bombing attack at an Ariana Grande concert on the 22nd of May 2017. A terrifying day for the music industry. But that did not stop them. Instead, it made them stronger.

The concert proved that, ‘Music stands for peace. They were not afraid of terrorists trying to tear them apart. They believe in love. Music believes in love and togetherness.’

With this we tell you how brave, united and powerful music can make one feel.

Happy World Music Day!

Let us celebrate today with some amazing experiences that you’ll have had through music.

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