Sandan signs lease pacts with new batch of companies

 In line with the continued efforts harnessed for inaugurating the first of its kind light industries park in Oman, in the next few months, Sandan Industrial Park signed four agreements with Durat Al Sahel Services and Trade, Al Jadeed Exchange,Trade Links and Services Co. and Auto one.

The four companies are engaged in a variety of business activities, including exchange services, building materials, electrical equipment, pipe lines, security systems, lighting, manufacturing of steel and aluminium, internal design, maintenance services, marble, tiles, and sanitation. These agreements come within the lease plan drafted and adopted by Sandan in partnership with REMAX. Furthermore, there are many similar lease agreements to be signed with different companies in the next months.

Sandan aims at providing clients and consumers with quality services of all types. Accordingly, the integrated light industries park doesn’t spare effort to attract all companies and corporates engaged in light industries. Currently, Sandan has discussions with a number of international companies engaged in autos and building materials services, to provide more options and competitive prices. In addition to that, Snadan has held a number of meetings with investors under its schedule to hold such meetings with all investors.

Stretching over 250.000 square metres, Sandan Industrial Park hosts many quality facilities, service outlets, vehicle showrooms and workshops, office spaces, warehouses, and residential and commercial units. While any investor can buy more than one unit, vehicles and building materials services and commercial activities are among the most important business activities in Sandan. All that is enhanced by a set of public and private sector support services. Furthermore, Sandan has a number of tailor-made initiatives to support enterprenuers and SMEs.

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