Insta buzz

Muscat witnessed a first-of-its-kind event that revolved around Instagram as an important tool in many facets of life .

The parking lot at Opera Galleria, Royal Opera House Muscat turned into a perfect backdrop for a social media event that brought to the fore Instagram as a tool for developing skills, propagating Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), education, business, soft skills and more. A moon-lit night unveiled ‘8 Moments in 8 Minutes by 8 Motivators’ organised by EventUs LLC where speakers touched upon different aspects of Instagram, peppering their speeches with information, edutainment, humour and solid facts.

Fahmi Al Ma’awali of EventUS got the event to a breezy start with some quips – an incredible sense of humour paving the way for an informal evening where social media experts and buffs interacted with impromptu questions and interruptions making it a fun event from word go. The first speaker His Highness Sayyid Tarik bin Shabib Al Said (@s_thesis) spoke on applications, devices and the pursuit of desirable images vis-à-vis Instagram. “Photography at its root really is the conversion of 3D landscapes into 2D images. Whenever you take a picture, you are stacking the objects in the foreground on top of those in the background. How these stacks appear in the final image depends on where you are standing when you take the picture. When your audience looks at your image, their brain recreates your 3D view from the hints in your 2D photograph,” he said. HH Sayyid Tarik also touched upon different apps and devices that would make your Instagram experience wholesome and more meaningful.

Raeed Dawood, the first instagrammer from Oman (@raideraid_igg) and who runs @igersoman spoke about his foray into Instagram and the forming of a community called Instagroove. Raeed is credited with using his phone for serious photography and even hosting an exhibition of his iPhone photos. Renowned television personality Ibtihal Al Zadjali (@ibtihalz) has over 39,000 followers on Instagram. Her page is a celeb one with pictures of her looks and travels around Oman. She also posts images of events attended and tries her best to deal with the questions that come her way. “My favourite option is the ‘block’ feature,” she said with a laugh. Wijdan Saleem (wijdann_s) spoke about managing photos on Instagram while Manahil Al Kindi (@theartwhsiper) elaborated on eight moments that inspired her. The other speakers were Abdullah Sabah (@alsabbah74), Sahar Al Azawi (@saharz_beauty_center) of Sahar’s Beauty Salon (How Instagram helped in her business of beauty) and Nada Al Moosa from Omani Paws spoke about her initiative run by a group of animal lovers in Oman who help in rescuing, homing and neutering of stray cats and dogs.

The Insta8Oman event presented by Ahli Bank also saw speakers from Omantel, Merge 104.8, @aishelquetta speak about the new concept all set to make waves in Oman. The Dried Lemon supplied Instagram-shaped cookies for the event.

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