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Tax: Bridging the gap

The government is looking at higher taxes as a means to raise revenues and curtail the budgetary deficit In an attempt to strengthen non-oil revenue, several measures have been taken by the Oman government in recent months. They include mainly an increase in corporate income tax, a proposal to introduce value added tax (VAT) along […]

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Agriculture & fisheries: Strategic direction 

The government has drawn up a future roadmap for the modernisation and development of the agriculture and fisheries sector An important strategy of Oman government is to strengthen non-oil sectors, especially traditional sectors like agriculture and fishing. While major sectors like oil and gas have shown a phenomenal drop in value, agriculture and fisheries has […]

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Retail: In growth Mode

Retail chains are building malls, hypermarkets and supermarkets not only in Muscat, but also in several cities across the country Oman’s retail sector is attracting huge investments from major foreign retail chains, especially from neighbouring United Arab Emirates (UAE), as well as from home-grown businessmen. This is considered as a vote of confidence in the […]

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Tourism: Brighter prospects 

The government is making all-round efforts to promote tourism as a major pillar of the Sultanate’s economy Oman has ambitious plans for developing tourism as a priority sector for diversifying the economy away from hydrocarbon resources. The National Strategy for Tourism 2040 aims at making the Sultanate as one of the most important tourism destinations […]

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ICT: Connectivity is the key

Oman has been pursuing a digital transformation journey spurred by the realisation that technology can have a profound effect on all aspects of society Oman is planning to take major steps to create smart cities by introducing information technology in every walk of life, which will help the urban population immensely. The country’s Information Technology […]

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Utility: Powering the economy

The decision to cap new allocations of natural gas to power projects is encouraging development of renewable energy in the sector A major challenge faced by Oman government in meeting the growing demand for power in the country is lack of natural gas. As gas is used for mega industries to enhance diversification programmes, the […]

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Real estate: Realty check

Real estate developers are giving special focus on providing state-of-the-art facilities Oman’s real estate developers are paying special attention on state-of-the-art facilities in their projects, taking these projects on par with any property in the most developed cities. On the one side, the number of projects have increased tremendously, while on the other, these projects […]

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Health: Universal care

A number of healthcare centres are coming up across the country to offer best-in class facilities Oman’s ambitious plans to build a major medical city in northern region as part of creating state-of-the-art tertiary facilities close to the most populated region is gathering momentum. The Higher Council for Planning (SCP) has signed a memorandum of […]

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Education: Centres of excellence

Concerted efforts, new institutions and deployment of technology are part of a national strategy to position Oman as a regional hub for education   The Sultanate’s education field is on a sustainable growth path supported by both government and the private sector. Oman government, which attaches top priority to developing educational institutions across the country, is […]

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Building capacity

Oman’s tourism industry is poised for unprecedented growth over the next decade, according to analysts and industry bodies