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MaxR is an intermetallic compound technology that reduces air humidity by up to 50 per cent. Commercial establishments should use MaxR as it helps them save on the energy bills, says Dr Neel Mehta, Sales Director, CITC, Dubai, one of the leading logistics companies, in an interview with Oommen John P


Can you share details on the uniqueness of MaxR100?

What makes MaxR unique is that it is the only product in the market that reduces “Oil Fouling,” which is a process that occurs in every air conditioner/chiller compressor pipes over time. Oil fouling is what builds up in compressor pipes that increases in diameter overtime increasing blockage. Every new compressor looses its energy capacity by 10 per cent in the first year and 2 per cent every year after that resulting in an increase in maintenance and parts replacement costs if not replacing the entire compressor itself. MaxR bonds to the buildup that occurs and cleans it molecule by molecule resulting in a more efficient space within the pipes thereby increasing efficiency. This process is called “Hyper Covalent Bonding.” It reduces noise as well by lubricating the entire system molecule by molecule. The effects are almost immediate after installation.

Will this technology help in reduce energy consumption? 

This technology reduces energy consumption by 10 per cent to 25 per cent once applied resulting in a substantial amount of savings in funds.

Why should commercial establishments opt for MaxR100?

Commercial establishments should use MaxR because it helps them save on the energy bills. In the GCC region, air conditioners and chillers are left on most of the year in order to keep buildings, showrooms, warehouses, manufacturing plants, offices and residences cool. MaxR reduces energy consumption which results in lowering air conditioner/chiller costs by between 10 per cent and 25 per cent. In the case of food manufacturers and storage, medical and pharmaceutical manufactures and storage facilities, milk farming facilities chillers have to be kept at optimum temperatures all year round. By using MaxR at these types of facilities or any facility, building establishment or residence for that matter, energy and maintenance costs are reduced drastically. As we know compressors can be used for heating and or cooling. This does not affect how MaxR works. It works both ways. However, MaxR cannot be installed on fixed air conditioner units. Fixed air conditioner units are those that are placed within walls that protrude on the outside. They are also known as boxed units which are common in smaller homes and residences. MaxR can be used on split air conditioner units.

What are the short and long term benefits to companies?
MaxR starts working its way through the system reducing maintenance costs and energy costs literally within three days after application. The long term benefits are that MaxR is a one-time application that reduces costs permanently. Annual maintenance costs and energy costs are reduced permanently resulting in less requirement for funding companies to replace compressors and compressor parts which are the heart and soul of every large scale chiller and air conditioner. We do however recommend preventive maintenance every 6 to 12 months so that our team can conduct simple checks and data logging if needed.

Which are the companies in Oman that are using MaxR100 in Oman?

United Global LLC are the exclusive distributors of MaxR in Oman. Two companies that have officially used MaxR in their systems so far are Muscat Pharmacy & Stores LLC and Ibn Sina Pharmaceuticals. Both the companies warehouses, head offices and outlets in Oman have applied MaxR in their systems.

What are its limitations? 

MaxR has no limitations. We have never had any issues with installations nor have any of the companies complained about MaxR. The only limitation that we can state is that it reduces costs between 10 per cent and 25 per cent. In several cases of installations conducted in India, companies have saved over 35 per cent in their energy consumption costs but that is a rare occurrence. This is because those companies have over abused compressors that are extremely old and not well maintained. The older the compressor the more you save after installation.

How is the company promoting this technology in Oman and in the region?

Radio advertisements in Dubai have gone a long way in promoting our technology. All the installations across companies, residences, buildings and establishments in the GCC region so far have primarily come through radio advertisements. We make as many appointments with companies so that we can speak to them face to face and explain to them what MaxR does and how it works. A lot of how MaxR is promoted is by way of testimonials that we have from companies worldwide that have used MaxR and have saved substantial amount of funds on their chiller or air conditioner costs. We are confident that we can further promote MaxR in Oman and the other GCC states on a large scale.



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