Lean engagements to boost profitability of businesses in Oman

Lean seminar

A ‘leader’s forum’ was organised to highlight the concept of lean engagement and how it can play a role in transforming profitability of businesses in Oman by SSA International, a global management consulting company.

The forum speakers included lean guru NC Narayanan (chairman, SSA Group), Said Ahmed Safrar (OIFC, CEO), Wayne Bryant (PDO, Lean Lead) and Herman Kiers (Mobilift & Partners), who shared their experiences about the benefits of lean engagement. The main theme of the forum was the current economic challenges and the audience was interested to learning how Lean Engagement could be a powerful game-changer for their organisations.

The event also shed light on lean strategies adapted by organisations in Oman and across the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), which have helped CEOs improve gross margins and boost profitability of their companies.

The symposium also had a successful interactive panel discussion that served to answer queries and concerns across many topics, such as sustenance in the Oman environment, ideology of Lean and areas of focus for Lean Engagement. The Leader’s Forum on Lean Engagement concluded with a promise of delivering value to the organisations in a consistent, lean way.

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