NBO Talks To Cultivate New Generation Of Banking Leaders


National Bank of Oman has launched an innovative professional development program for senior leadership and middle management teams entitled ‘Tathqeefi: NBO Talks’. Respected thought leaders and industry experts will be invited to share insights and experiences on best international practices in the banking industry. The new initiative is part of the NBO Academy of Excellence’s commitment to nurturing a culture of continuous learning and knowledge transfer within the Bank.

Professor Adrian Furnham, a reputed psychologist and an expert in Organizational Behavior who has authored more than 750 scientific papers and 90 books, inaugurated the first session that attracted over 150 staff members. Furnham presented original concepts that assisted team leaders in acquiring competitive strategy development skills in addition to tools to establishing healthy relationships with colleagues in the workplace. He also taught creative practices to increase productivity and refine the customer service offering.  

“Tathqeefi: NBO Talks will provide the foundation for our people to become world-class bankers and strategic partners of our customers,” said Sayyid Wasfi Al Said, Acting Chief Executive Officer at NBO. “We remain steadfast in our commitment to being the bank of choice in Oman and understand that our people play a key role in achieving this goal. This program will help our people gain in-depth knowledge, multidisciplinary skills, and vast experience from the best of the best to lead NBO and the industry at large into the future.”

The NBO Academy of Excellence acts as an internal academy that focuses on educating and training all the Bank’s employees on the latest developments in the banking sector through specialized programs – both in the technical domain and in the behavioural realm. The academy has set a high benchmark in customized internal job-based certification programs and is a pioneer in e-learning and micro-learning offerings within the industry. The Academy also conducts assessment and development centers aimed at creating internal talent pools to create continuous bench strength of leadership personnel for the bank.

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