PDO signs $200 mn contract with Omani Pipe Factory

pdoPetroleum Development Oman (PDO) has signed a $200 million pipe supply contract with an

Omani factory as part of its In-Country Value (ICV) strategy to retain more of the oil and gas

industry’s wealth in the Sultanate.

The four-year deal will mean the Gulf International Pipe Industry (TMK-GIPI) mill based in the

Sohar Industrial Estate will manufacture a variety of pipelines sized 6-24 inches in diameter for

both PDO and other operators.

TMK-GIPI is the first manufacturer of high-pressure steel line pipes and casing pipes in Oman

and its production plant is also the first in the region to make high pressure 24-inch electric

resistance welded (ERW) steel pipes.

As a result of the contract award, the company will expand its current production range and

introduce a new manufacturing line for small pipeline categories to cater for high demand of

such sizes from PDO and the rest of the oil and gas industry.

The agreement marks the successful implementation of one of the business opportunities

launched by PDO for Omani businesses at the major ICV Blueprint Strategy Summit in Muscat

in December 2013. This laid down a framework for the development of a robust and sustainable

local supply chain for the sector.

PDO Managing Director Raoul Restucci said: “We are delighted to sign this contract with TMK-

GIPI which will see an Omani factory manufacturing piping both for PDO and other operators.

As well as boosting ICV, there is also a fantastic opportunity for this state-of- the-art plant to

supply its products and services across the region.

“This deal makes concrete our commitment outlined at the ICV conference three years ago to do

everything we could to leverage the collaborative efforts of the oil and gas sector to

progressively and effectively develop a competitive Omani supply chain.

“This is vital for the development of jobs, training and skills for nationals, increasing investment

in the Sultanate generally and ensuring the ongoing prosperity and diversification of its


TMK-GIPI was established as a Limited Liability Company in the Sultanate of Oman in January

2007 and has an Omanisation employment rate of 45%. The $110 million factory’s annual

Production capacity exceeds 250,000 metric tons per year and the facility boasts

technology exceeding stringent international and the specific requirements of oil and

gas companies.

Vladimir Shcherbatykh, CEO of TMK-GIPI said: “We are honoured that this contract will build

on our long-term partnership with PDO. We are committed to developing our investments in

Oman and to support PDO to achieve its long-term goals.

“It is a great opportunity for TMK-GIPI to work more closely with PDO, which will allow us to

reach our common goals in terms of the ICV programme and to work together for the betterment

of Oman.”


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