Shell Intilaaqah launches new workshop series

Shell Intilaaqah’s “Aspire and Inspire” programme has launched its second workshop series entitled, “How to Become a Successful Business Owner,” in a bid to equip aspiring Omani entrepreneurs with the skillsets needed to develop their business plans and feasibility studies.

The workshop, which was organised following the success of its first phase, will be held in Muscat, Nizwa, Sohar, and later on in Salalah in collaboration with the Public Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises Development (Riyada).

“Aspire and Inspire’s key objective is to guide young Omani entrepreneurs and integrate them into the world of entrepreneurship,” said Al Mutajaredah Al Mandhari, Director of Mentorship and Training Department at Riyada. “We are here to encourage them to implement their innovative ventures to meet the needs of the local market on a micro level and the national economy on a macro level.”

“With Aspire and Inspire, we are successfully building an interactive platform to empower aspiring Omani entrepreneurs,” said Najwa Mansoor Al Kindi, Director of Shell Intilaaqah. “Phase one of our programme has been well-received, a true reflection of our youth’s commitment to change the status quo and start their own businesses. With that goal in mind, we are here to help them transform their ideas into feasible and tangible business ventures.”

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