Making a difference  

Career success is all about the hunger for the same. It is born out of ambition, dedication and smart interaction, says Hussain Sajjad Ali Al Lawati, Manager – IT Applications, NBO in an interview

Hussain Sajjad Ali Al Lawati

Can you give us a brief on your education and professional background?

A computer systems and network engineer holding MBA working at National Bank of Oman as a manger in IT Applications responsible of a team that looks after a portfolio of core Muzn Islamic Banking Systems and NBO Enterprise Banking Applications.

What are your strengths that has enabled you to do so well at a young age?

Dedication, focus and paying attention to the deepest level of details along with working in a model of business enabling and planning.

Who has influenced you the most as a person and are there any role models that you look up to?

There are a couple of influencers and role models, who have been a big influence: Steve Jobs, former CEO, Apple: The way he changed the lifestyle of the entire world community by bringing to the surface the experience-based designing.

Faizal Eledath (CTO, NBO): To me he is the true spark of NBO’s transformation journey. He is a real example of a transformational leader who keeps transforming the followers and at the same time strives to learn each minute what could be a successful model for him and his followers.

How has your experience been with NBO and what have you learnt over the years?

I have grown up completely within NBO starting as a fresh graduate officer up to the current managerial level right now with full exposure to IT streams, Innovation, Leadership and Business Drive.

As the semi-finalist of the NTI BizPro award, what advice would you like to give young Omanis, who are looking at embarking upon a career?

Career success is all about the hunger for the same. It is all about ambition, dedication and smart interaction with the different situations and people you could come across with.

What are your interests and hobbies?

I like playing and watching football, travelling and collecting old phone cards.

What are your plans for the future?

To build an own organisation or to work as chief officer in an established one where the goal of the same is to make a difference in people’s lifestyle.

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